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10 Point Plan To Arranging A Stag Weekend For Dummies

Arranging a stag weekend is a fairly stressful affair, especially when you have 12 hairy men to please, so avoid any visits from Mr Cockup and read this "10 Point Plan To Arranging A Stag Weekend For Dummies" - oh and don't forget to book it through DesignaVenture , we are the best man's best man. Plan early : Start planning the stag do well in advance to ensure that you can book accommodation, activities and transportation. Consult the groom : Find out exactly what the groom wants to do on his stag do and make sure that the plans suit his interests and preferences. Set a budget : Decide on a budget for the stag do and stick to it, avoiding any financial surprises or embarrassment for anyone in the party. Choose a location: Decide on a location for the stag do, taking into account the activities you want to do, the time of year and the budget. Book accommodation: Book accommodation for everyone early, to ensure your group can all stay together, book well in advance

The Ultimate History Of The Stag Do

The concept of a " stag do " or "stag party" has a long history dating back several centuries. The origins of these events can be traced back to ancient civilisations where men would gather for a final celebration before one of their own got married. In ancient Greece, a pre-wedding celebration was held for the groom-to-be, known as a "symposium". This was a celebration of male bonding, where the groom and his mates would gather for a night of drinking, storytelling and partying. In medieval Europe, the "stag night" was a similar gathering of male friends to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. The night would often involve drinking and celebrations, sometimes to the point of debauchery. This tradition continued into the Renaissance period, where wealthy men would host elaborate feasts and events to celebrate the upcoming wedding. As time progressed, the concept of the stag do evolved and became more formalised. In the 19th and early 20th centuries,