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Stag Do Ideas For The UK

In my mind if you're looking for adventure and plenty of stag do ideas then the UK cannot be beaten. Whether you're looking for full on adrenalin adventure or chilled-out activities and weekends, the UK has just got so much choice! So let's get stuck-in and see what the UK has to offer the humble stag party. ADVENTUROUS STAG DO IDEAS Coasteering Without a shadow of a doubt you need balls to do this stag do activity, giant massive Cahoonas! You're exploring the coastline along cliffs, rock pools and caves. Traversing rocks faces and jumping into deep pools, get's you from A to B. You can skip some of the bigger jumps, but would you really want to? White Water Rafting Imagine the banter flying around from your stag group in several rafts, shooting down white frothing rivers whilst you all try to keep afloat. You'll be kitted out in wetsuits and buoyancy aids because let's make no bones about this, you're all going in! Zip Wire