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Top 10 Stag Accessories

You've booked your stag do, the boys are chomping at the bit, questions are flying around Facebook and Twitter asking "how are we going to humiliate the stag?" This is where stag accessories come in , they are essential, a laugh and can make the stag look like a right prat. We are not just listing these stag accessories, you can actually buy some of them from our friends at Amazon or we'll include the link straight to the website, more convenient then a fridge full of beer on a stag do. In no particular order.... The Inflatable Sheep Where would stag dos be without the amazing stag accessory of a blown up plastic sheep. This is so obvious and has been done so many times however, it's fantastic and can make the groom look like a right plonker. The Adult Animal Fancy Dress Costume What would make the stag look more stupid then dressing him up as a member from the animal world? Better still accessorise up the stag do game of Chicken run, this fan

Top Stag Do Challenges

Not to be confused with pranks and games, stag do challenges is a whole new ball game. Stag Do Challenges consist of the stag (groom-to-be) being set a number of tasks over his stag weekend or night which he must complete, if he doesn't there's a forfeit which is usually drinking his own weight in wine or something, but that's up to your group. Below I have put together a do-able list of 27 stag do challenges, you can pick the best ones or try and get him to do them all (on occasions, we will add to this list). All at the same time, the stag must purchase a porn magazine, hand cream and some tissues - this must be done without an explanation and without a smirk on his face. (I have a friend who bought a tub of vaseline for his chapped lips and a cucumber for his mum, totally unaware of what his 2 shopping items looked like travelling down the conveyor belt to the check out!). Get a kiss from a MILF who must be clearly over the age of 50. Beat a total str

Stag Do Activities Cure The Hangover - FACT*

*OK, I have no scientific proof that the following stag do activities cure your hangovers, so I say drink plenty of water before, during and after your activity and see what happens! These activities will take your mind off your banging head and you will also come through the other side with a huge smile on your face. Te best activities to fix your hangover in my mind should include water, plenty of it! White Water Rafting Not only will you be fighting the frothing rapids you will possibly be in them, not many rafts get away without getting a dunking! All your kit's included so all you have to do is rock up with your swimwear and don a wet suit, helmet and buoyancy aid before hitting the white water. More refreshing then a glass of water in the Goby desert. Destinations for white water rafting includes: Cardiff (man-made) North Wales (great for Chester) Nottingham (man-made) The Highlands (1 hour isn from Edinburgh) Bratislava Krakow Prague Valencia More d