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Top 5 Alternative Stag Weekend Ideas

Variety is the spice of life and when you have been paintballing 5 times this year maybe an alternative stag weekend would go down like a bottle of water in the Sahara Desert. We have been compiling a list, not a massive list I grant you, but a great list of the top 5 alternative stag weekends, quality rather than quantity people! Squashed Tomatoes Get your passport, you're off to Valencia (in Spain, if you're unsure), here you are going to take part in one of the most unusual festivals known to man which basically involves the biggest food fight in the world with tons upon tons of tomatoes. La Tomatina Festival takes place each year on the last Wednesday of August (this year is the 27th August 2014) and here is a little video to tell you all about it. DesignaVenture's stag weekend includes 2 nights accommodation, airport transfers and transfers to the festival plus a guided bar tour with club entry. I know I said stag weekend but it's more of a stag m

Last Minute Stag Do Ideas and Help

Scenario – your best mate has sprung a stag do on you or quite simply you have been very bad at organising your best mate's stag do! Well don’t worry people help is at hand with the aid of this amazing post. First and foremost you will need to be decisive. Have a chat with the best man or stag and pick a date, destination and package and get it booked or at least on hold as soon as you can. When booking the stag do my advice if you are going to pay for people, is to only for pay people you trust or who have paid you, don't pay for people who may not go as you may loose your money. Book your minimum numbers, don’t wait for people to confirm back to you as you will never get anything booked. Be prepared for a smaller group. When booking your stag do last minute you’re going to find a lot of people may have already made other plans or simply haven’t got the money, let’s face it a decent stag do with spending money, transport, accommodation activities and food is alw

Stag Do Ideas In Milton Keynes

Surprise, surprise - Milton Keynes is actually an incredible stag do destination, with tons of ideas,  most of them unique, so you will love the big MK.  " So tell me, w hat the hell am I going to do on a stag do to Milton Keynes"? Alright, alright, hold on to your bagel, let's see why Milton Keynes is rocking: First of all Milton Keynes has some amazing indoor activities including a snow dome where you can toboggan, ski or snowboard, even in the middle of June! Then there's the indoor skydiving simulator, no worries about the weather spoiling your day, you will always get to skydive in Milton Keynes, and it's an incredible amount of fun. Moving away from the indoor activities get involved in some Dragon Boat Racing, massive boats need big stag dos, so get onboard and paddle like crazy, apparently it's all in the rhythm. Have you ever raced a Stock Car Racing before? In Milton Keynes you can. Fully race prepared bangers are ready for your heav