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Coasteering Vs Gorge Scrambling

Coasteering and Gorge Scrambling are two very extreme stag do activities and are both popular with stag and hen parties alike. Coasteering Extremely popular in Newquay and South Wales, explore the rugged coastline, whilst jumping into deep pools and traversing rock faces. This activity is fantastic fun having doen it 3 times now, each time just gets better! All your specialised equipment; Buoyancy aid, helmet and wetsuit is included all you need to bring along with you is old trainers which will get soaked and something to where under your wetsuit. Gorge Scrambling Explore gorges which have taken millions of years to be created by mountain streams and rivers producing waterfalls, caves, deep pools and stunning scenery. Gorge walking, also known as gorge scrambling and canyoning has become a popular stag do activity because it has something for everyone well, except for people who are scared of water! Walk behind waterfalls, jump into deep pools, explore caves and just have

What's Happened To The Cheap European Stag Do?

We are in strange times people, Prime Minister Cameron has just made the UK a lodger in the European house and prices are going up left right and centre. Flight prices on low cost airlines are no longer low cost and a pint of beer that used to cost 80p now costs £4!! Prague, Tallinn, Bratislava and Riga led the way in the nineties and naughties with cheap accommodation, beer, clubs and food now but they are as expensive as London. But we shouldn't put everything down to price, Prague and the other cities mentioned are still great stag do destinations, offering fantastic activities and stunning squares to sit in, drink beers and watch the peaches go by (a stag do favourite). There are emerging cheap European stag destinations including Bulgaria and Slovenia which take on that role of cheap beer and digs, however with European country wannabes I feel stags will need to travel further to get more doe for their buck. But getting there is still a lot more expensive then it used to

The Stag Do Snow Must Go On

You’re planning your winter stag do and wondering what the weather will be like? The biggest possibility is rain, but hey, what happens if it snows? That changes everything, unless of course you make it an integral part of your stag do activity selections. Take bobsleighing . How many people do you know who have done that? The Baltic States are the place to go for this need for speed and the ride of your life. Riga has the only Olympic standard bobsleigh track in the Baltics and it will scare you witless as you rip around ten curves and over a bridge sin your gently padded rubber leisure ‘vuchku’ soft bob. The slick ice will have you going up to 50kmh and with four screaming stags on a bob, it will definitely tax your coordination. Wicked. The Bratislava location is more like a mega zooped up version of your childhood sledding, in a more simplified sledge, but no less crazy down a 360 metre tubed track, or restricted on the speed front. Too out of control for your stag party? Then