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Short Stag Do Guide To Edinburgh

If you have never visited the Scottish capital before (it's Edinburgh by the way, not Glasgow) then you are in for an incredible surprise, Edinburgh is truly awesome. It's not huge, you can pretty much walk around the centre in a day, and the nightlife is infamous. Quick guide to the areas: The West End Bars, clubs and pubs, good restaurants with a Bohemian atmosphere, becoming popular with stag parties looking for a more sophisticated night out. You can find The West End, west of Prince's Street. Prince's Street Mainly shops, with old Georgian style roads going  North which have some great restaurants and pubs. Grassmarkets Very lively and to memory lots of student type bars and clubs, great places for pub crawling. The Royal Mile One of Edinburgh's most visited streets with fantastic late night pubs, cafe's and whiskey shops, if you fancy a late night tipple The Royal Mile is a great place to go. Is Edinburgh Busy? As the Americans wou

Top End Stag Do Ideas

So you have a bit of money to spend on a stag do and you're not looking for a "Kiss Me Quick" stag do in Blackpool (very 80's), it's a good look. I have compiled some top end stag do ideas for the stag party that has some money to spend. By the way, I'm not going as far as 10 nights on Necker Island or a week on the Space Station, just activities and ideas that you can actually book. Let's start with Milton Keynes. not your usual top-end stag do destination however when you're racing Stock Cars around an oval track at top speed who cares where you are! I do love Milton Keynes, I am not disrespecting the big MK, honest. Book either an exclusive event for your group or join an open event, these racing machines are amazing to drive and the whole event will turn an ordinary stag do into an incredible one. You want Barcelona, but you're sick of going cattle class, then book yourself a private jet ! It's going to put you back between

5 Ways To Beat The Stag Do Stresses

It's all very well saying yes to being best man, because let's face it, it's quite an honour, however, your jobs don't just consist of carrying the ring and making sure the groom gets to the church on time, you also have the  ultimate task, the task that tops all tasks, and thats arranging the stag do . For any well seasoned holiday planner arranging 20 men to Prague or even Bournemouth is going to be a huge ball ache, guys are notorious to committing, forgetting and then demanding (hen parties are a whole different ball game so don't feel so bad on yourself for being a man!). First of all you need to arm yourself with some solid stag do knowledge, which you must use from day one. 1. Communication Whether you have just passed wind, or changed the karting from 1pm to 11am the whole group needs to know about it. Communication is key to arranging a successful stag do, if people have all the information they need before they go, then they'll