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Why Should You Book Your 2020 Stag Weekend Early?

The early bird catches the worm... alright filthy mind, this isn't an innuendo it's actually a saying from years back which is very apt when talking about booking a stag weekend early. It's not just about losing out on availability when you book late, we are also talking about getting the best price for your stag group, being well prepared for your stag weekend and let's face it, sometimes arranging a group of men is like herding cats, so being prepared is an excellent idea chief. So what's the difference in booking 12 - 6 months in advance and 6 weeks in advance? Booking your stag do 12 - 6 months in advance... Booking this early you should get good availability for your: Flights Accommodation Activities Best Time Slots So that's most of your weekend sorted! Plus, prices tend to get higher the closer you get to your arrival/departure date, especially when it comes to booking flights or hotels - so you'll actually be saving money! Y

Stag Activity Ideas Spotlight: Rage Buggy Racing

Think of the Rage Buggy as the 'Hoover' of the powerful dirt buggy racing world. I don't mean it's good at cleaning your carpet, I mean the name Rage Buggy covers all powerful dirt buggies including Rebel Buggies, just like Hoovers cover all vacuum cleaners, get it? Stag parties and racing extremely fast Rage buggies go hand in hand, like Ant and Dec, marmalade sandwiches and Paddington Bear and stag dos and pranks. So there is no wonder this week we are shining the spotlight on the amazing dirt buggy racing activity. Stag groups will actually choose their weekend destination on where they can do Rage Buggies, now that's some accolade. Some Facts On The Powerful Rage Buggy: Engine Size: Some Dirt Buggies are just under 1000cc Top Speed: 60mph Destinations: Nationwide Racing these Buggies is really something else, gone are the days when stag parties used to race dirt buggies which were only powerful enough to run a lawnmower, when you put your foot

Stag Activity Ideas Spotlight: Coasteering

There are simply loads of stag do ideas out there, why choose Coasteering on your weekend? Well I'm glad you asked me that question, I have done Coasteering a number of times and absolutely loved it. First, it's a great bonding activity packed full of adrenaline and excitement creating a great memory for the stag, That's why you're doing this stag weekend, right? Some facts... Locations: Newquay, Bournemouth, Torquay, Swansea & Cardiff. Adrenaline Scale: 9 / 10 Activity Duration: Usually ½ a day What you need to bring with you:  Old trainers or even better, wet suit booties - a towel - swimwear for under the wet suit. What will be provided: Helmet, wet suit & buoyancy aid. Do: Bring your GoPro Don't: Drink alcohol before this activity So what's the plan: Before everything can kick off you'll need to meet up with your instructors for kit allocation and the all and very important safety briefing. Your stag group will the

How To Plan An Epic Stag Do

Being Best Man is quite the accolade. It also comes with responsibilities and duties. One of the most important duties is planning the stag do, the other I would say is the speech. With the speech there are loads of websites out there which can help you write a brilliant one giving you tips and ideas. Some websites actually write it for you! A bit like organising a stag do, there are companies out there who will arrange the whole shebang, like DesignaVenture . Here are some important areas you need to think about when arranging the weekend: Inviting People Avoid Inviting Some People Choosing The Right Destination & Activities Keep It Within Budget Keep The Boys Happy On The Weekend Cleaning Up Inviting People Being best man you'll be inviting the people onto the stag do. Make sure you sit down with the groom to find out who he wants to come and who he wants to avoid (see the next point). In the login of the DesignaVenture website we give our customers th

Stag Do Ideas Which'll Make The Boys Put Down Their Smart Phones

There's nothing worse than going on a stag weekend and all the boys are just sat around on their phone with nothing else to do! To counteract this huge stag do problem, this list of ELEVEN stag do ideas will excite the lads enough to put away their iPhones (other brands are available) for the rest of the day and get some good old fashioned excitement back into their data driven lives. Quarry Karts The most environmentally friendly 4 wheeled activity you can do. Just like ski-ing gravity is your best friend giving you the power and speed to get down the hill and win the race. A totally unique and brilliant stag do activity. Stag Destination: North Wales Get more details Rib Adventure A thrill of a lifetime, skimming the waves at breakneck speed you're in for one hell of a ride. A crazy adrenaline rush for your stag party to contend with. Stag Destinations: Southampton & North Wales Rib Adventure prices and details White Water Rafting An incr