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Booking Last Minute?

Right you need to arrange a stag do, like ummm yesterday... Have you been a total buffoon and forgot to book the stag weekend? Or has this been sprung on to you from out of the blue? Whatever your reason, booking a stag do last minute can be tricky however if you stick to this 5 point plan you could become hero within your group, you will be seen rising above the masses and giving your best mate the send off he deserves. Number 1 (Dates & Numbers) Don't panic for Chrips sake, you need to lock down a weekend when everyone (important) is available and get numbers, urgently. If Barry from the post rooms who hardly knows the stag can't make, that's not your beef. This is the age of communication, Facebook, Twitter, Text, Email, Mobile, WhatsApp - get a list of all the invitees along with their contact details from the stag and invite them. Giving a 48 hour deadline - if people don't get back to you within the time limit then they're not coming, unless

North Wales - The Stag Do Destination For Adventure

Adventure & stag dos in North Wales, go hand in hand like Hansel & Gretel, Dick & Dom and Redbull & Vodka... North Wales is an incredible stag destination ideal for the adventurous. If your stag party wants to get away from the dramas and big queues of the city stag do, you have chosen the right place. Right where do I start, you will have a large selection of activities, maybe too many to it into a fortnight let alone a weekend. To start off with you will find the longest Zip Wire in the Europe, which also includes caves with huge trampolines, I know, random! This brilliant destination also has some fantastic White Water Rivers offering 2 hours of non stop white water rafting pleasure. Mix that up with Canyoning you have a day full of adventure - watch our " We  ♥ North  Wales" video below: Going down the ferocious rivers of North Wales, there are more ways then a six seater raft, you can go down on a 2 seater, clinging onto to a huge tube or be