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Stag Do Destination Guide: Reading

Pure Unadulterated Reading Facts Average Temp:  June: 20c | July: 22c | August: 22c Rainfall : 635mm per year Location: 51.441, -0.938 (stick that in Google maps) Above Sea Level: 62 metres What's Reading like for a stag do then? Reading is more than just a festival... Reading doesn't need to compete with the huge stag do destinations, that's not her style (yes that's right, I just referred to Reading as a 'her'!), so why do stag parties come to Reading, what's the appeal? Reading is extremely close to London, Southeast, M4 and South West so is extremely easy to get to from almost anywhere in the Midlands, South of England and South Wales. Reading also has some spectacular activities (see below), and nightlife which is just right for the adventurous stag party, see below... Reading is also an old University town so if your stag has been to Reading Uni and he wants to go back with his mates, there's no better time than on his stag

Stag Do Ideas For October

Usually a stag do in October means a Christmas wedding and the stag needs a couple of months to recover before his big day, however whenever the wedding, if you find yourself with the task of arranging a stag weekend for October you're going to need some ideas... Weather iffy in the Med? The weather can be iffy in October in the Med, so if you're looking for sunshine you need to head to the East of the Mediterranean to places like Crete, Rhodes or Cyprus. Oktoberfest The best beer festival in the world and the most famous - so if your stag do is for October that's lucky as the beer festival is usually between 22nd September and 7th October. Situated in the Theresienwiese which is in the centre Munich, 14 huge Beer Halls are erected where you can purchase beer and food and listen to Oompah bands playing out loads of classic Bavarian tunes, so stick on your lederhosen and your Bavarian Hat and get stuck in! Oktoberfest Facts Each year; 7.5 million litres

The World Cup Of Stag Do Activities

The FIFA World Cup has started and actually, so are many stag dos, partying it up all over the UK and world. I have toured the UK and had a fair go at loads of stag do activities for DesignaVenture 's so I thought I would pip the activities against each other from my own experience to see who would win. THE STAG DO ACTIVITIES WORLD CUP..... I cannot possibly compare 32 activities as there aren't enough hours in the day, so I have gone straight to the quarter finals with 8 of DesignaVenture most popular stag do activities: Quarter Final 1 - Zip Wire Velocity Vs Canyoning Two adrenaline style activities where you'll need balls of steel to take part. Canyoning has more locations than the Zip Wire Velocity, however in my mind to have a go on the fastest zip wire in the world, which means you will hit 125mph and over, there's no contest: Score: Zip Wire Velocity 3 - 1 Canyoning Zip Wire Velocity moves on to the Semi Finals.... Quarter Final

Tips On Booking A Last Minute Stag Do

First and foremost, give yourself a pat on the back, you haven't given up and said to the Groom "there's no time to book the stag do, let's just go down the local boozer". Right, YOU NEED TO MOVE IN A FLASH , you have a last minute stag do to sort and not much time to do it in. Here are some quick FLASH POINTERS: Speak to the stag and see what he wants to do (where, when, what) Get a list of invitees Speak to DesignaVenture , because let's face it, who has the time to source and call hotels, activity sites etc. Get the guys to pay* Your golden *When asking, their immediate reaction is yep, yes, I'll be there - however once you ask for money it's a different story - "Oh... my cats going to the vets that weekend" or "I have an ingrowing toe nail". FLASH TIPS Do not ask all the lads where they want to do and what they want to do, rhis will add a week to the booking stage, find a stag do you and the groom like a