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Alternative Stag Do Ideas UK & Europe

We've all been on boys or stag weekends which included so much booze you could fill a swimming pool with, so maybe you fancy something different?

Here are our alternative stag do ideas that your group will love:

1. Bobsleigh - Riga, Latvia In my mind there is only one place to take your stag party on a weekend and get involved in some Olympic standard Bobsleigh and that's Riga.

In the winter you will hurtle down an Olympic standard Bobsleigh course at break neck speed - not for the faint hearted.

2. ZIP Wire Velocity - North Wales, UK The fastest zip wire in the world and the longest in Europe and it all takes place in North Wales, Snowdonia to be exact.
Another stag do activity which includes incredible speed, bags of adrenaline and will give the stag an incredible memory to take into his married life, and that's what it's all about!
3. Cornish Games, Newquay You've watched Baywatch right? The movie not the series, well this is nothing like that! These are incred…

Stag Activity Ideas Spotlight: White Water Rafting

What's a stag weekend without a thoroughly decent activity which will knock you about and stick you in the drink?

White water rafting is that very activity.

In a nutshell, white water rafting is bombing down a river in an inflatable where paddles, at times, seem surplus to requirements.

Luckily each raft will have an instructor who knows the river like the back of his/her hand and can steer your raft away from huge rocks and keep the raft upright, most of the time!
Why is white water rafting a good stag do activity?An excellent hang over cure - TOP PRIORITY!Great bonding session for the whole groupBetter for groups that want to do the activity togetherA very memorable activity for the groom to take into his married life So where are the best places in the UK to white water raft? Excellent question my friend, for an epic rural stag weekend we believe North Wales to be one of the best locations. With plenty of rainfall and epic Rivers (which in the summer is kept full by dam release…

Why Should You Book Your 2020 Stag Weekend Early?

The early bird catches the worm... alright filthy mind, this isn't an innuendo it's actually a saying from years back which is very apt when talking about booking a stag weekend early.

It's not just about losing out on availability when you book late, we are also talking about getting the best price for your stag group, being well prepared for your stag weekend and let's face it, sometimes arranging a group of men is like herding cats, so being prepared is an excellent idea chief.

So what's the difference in booking 12 - 6 months in advance and 6 weeks in advance?
Booking your stag do 12 - 6 months in advance... Booking this early you should get good availability for your:
FlightsAccommodationActivitiesBest Time Slots So that's most of your weekend sorted!

Plus, prices tend to get higher the closer you get to your arrival/departure date, especially when it comes to booking flights or hotels - so you'll actually be saving money!

You'll also give the guys …

Stag Activity Ideas Spotlight: Rage Buggy Racing

Think of the Rage Buggy as the 'Hoover' of the powerful dirt buggy racing world. I don't mean it's good at cleaning your carpet, I mean the name Rage Buggy covers all powerful dirt buggies including Rebel Buggies, just like Hoovers cover all vacuum cleaners, get it?

Stag parties and racing extremely fast Rage buggies go hand in hand, like Ant and Dec, marmalade sandwiches and Paddington Bear and stag dos and pranks.

So there is no wonder this week we are shining the spotlight on the amazing dirt buggy racing activity.

Stag groups will actually choose their weekend destination on where they can do Rage Buggies, now that's some accolade.
Some Facts On The Powerful Rage Buggy:Engine Size: Some Dirt Buggies are just under 1000cc
Top Speed: 60mph
Destinations: Nationwide

Racing these Buggies is really something else, gone are the days when stag parties used to race dirt buggies which were only powerful enough to run a lawnmower, when you put your foot down, you're go…

Stag Activity Ideas Spotlight: Coasteering

There are simply loads of stag do ideas out there, why choose Coasteering on your weekend?

Well I'm glad you asked me that question, I have done Coasteering a number of times and absolutely loved it.

First, it's a great bonding activity packed full of adrenaline and excitement creating a great memory for the stag, That's why you're doing this stag weekend, right?

Some facts...

Locations: Newquay, Bournemouth, Torquay, Swansea & Cardiff.
Adrenaline Scale: 9 / 10
Activity Duration: Usually ½ a day
What you need to bring with you: Old trainers or even better, wet suit booties - a towel - swimwear for under the wet suit.
What will be provided: Helmet, wet suit & buoyancy aid.
Do: Bring your GoPro
Don't: Drink alcohol before this activity

So what's the plan: Before everything can kick off you'll need to meet up with your instructors for kit allocation and the all and very important safety briefing.

Your stag group will then walk or drive to the start point whe…

How To Plan An Epic Stag Do

Being Best Man is quite the accolade. It also comes with responsibilities and duties. One of the most important duties is planning the stag do, the other I would say is the speech.

With the speech there are loads of websites out there which can help you write a brilliant one giving you tips and ideas. Some websites actually write it for you!

A bit like organising a stag do, there are companies out there who will arrange the whole shebang, like DesignaVenture. Here are some important areas you need to think about when arranging the weekend:

Inviting PeopleAvoid Inviting Some PeopleChoosing The Right Destination & ActivitiesKeep It Within BudgetKeep The Boys Happy On The WeekendCleaning Up
Inviting People
Being best man you'll be inviting the people onto the stag do. Make sure you sit down with the groom to find out who he wants to come and who he wants to avoid (see the next point).

In the login of the DesignaVenture website we give our customers the facility to invite their mat…

Stag Do Ideas Which'll Make The Boys Put Down Their Smart Phones

There's nothing worse than going on a stag weekend and all the boys are just sat around on their phone with nothing else to do!

To counteract this huge stag do problem, this list of ELEVENstag do ideas will excite the lads enough to put away their iPhones (other brands are available) for the rest of the day and get some good old fashioned excitement back into their data driven lives.

Quarry Karts The most environmentally friendly 4 wheeled activity you can do. Just like ski-ing gravity is your best friend giving you the power and speed to get down the hill and win the race. A totally unique and brilliant stag do activity.

Stag Destination: North Wales

Get more details
Rib Adventure A thrill of a lifetime, skimming the waves at breakneck speed you're in for one hell of a ride. A crazy adrenaline rush for your stag party to contend with.

Stag Destinations: Southampton & North Wales
Rib Adventure prices and details
White Water Rafting An incredible experience and with up to 6 peo…

The Stag Do Wiki

Looking for advice, guides and ideas? Then look no further than this stag do wiki.

This blog is run by DesignaVenture but is fairly non commercial, ok there's the odd advert here and there but most of it is unbiased, high quality advice and ideas, perfect for a stag do wiki.

TIPS & ADVICE First of all, How to Organise The Best Stag Do. This post will give you important advice.

You as best man and chief stag do organiser (what a role), may need to book flights, well luckily we have a post that covers that.

Looking for a 101 guide on arranging the best stag do known to man

When should I book my stag weekend? Is it best to get "in there" early? This post gives you all the in and outs of when to book.

If you're booking late this post on Tips On Booking A Last Minute Stag Do will help.

If you are on a bit of shoe string, this post will stop you from blowing your budget.

WHERE SHOULD WE GO ON OUR STAG DO? This is the question tens of thousands of best men and grooms a…

Advice - Booking Flights For Your Stag Weekend

When you were asked to be best man, I expect that there was a moment of sheer pride, your best mate has asked YOU to basically give him away!

Your next thoughts will be speech and then the stag do (not necessarily in that order).

THE SPEECH, you're going to need balls and a course in public speakingTHE STAG, you're going to need a lot of advice
We have done a stag do glossary which is a window of advice and help for your stag do.

Advice When Booking Your Stag Party Flights
You have 2 options; book though an ATOL bonded stag do company like DesignaVenture, or book them yourself.

Here's an interesting post on Booking a flight inclusive package vs booking your own flights separately.
KILLER ADVICE ON BOOKING YOUR OWN FLIGHTS FIRST OF ALL, GET THE MONEY OFF THE BOYS If your flights are non refundable, like most low cost airlines*, do not pay for anyone you do not 100% trust or know. If these airfare blaggers drop out, you will lose your money, unless you can find a replacement, b…

Stag Do Ideas For 2020

Booking a stag do for 2020? Look no further Monsieur or even Madam, this incredible stag do ideas guide will help. In 2020, stag weekends will be Lively, Stylish and Adventurous.
2020, THE YEAR OF THE STAG WEEKEND STAYCATION? Recent years have been scorchers in the UK, more and more stag groups are booking to celebrate on this beautiful island we call Great Britain.

Lively UK Stag Destinations For 2020
Bournemouth, Newquay, Brighton, Bristol, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Cardiff and York.

These lively stag destinations in the UK will not let you down, blazing bars, exceptional clubs with an atmosphere to boot.

2020 UK Stag Weekend Destinations Full Of Adventure
North Wales, Hereford, Cardiff, The Lakes, The Highlands Of Scotland & Chester.

At the above adventurous UK destinations you will find Canyoning, The Fastest Zip Wire In The World (North Wales), White Water Rafting, Climbing as well as the firm favourites such as; racing dirt buggies / Rage buggies, paintball and super qu…

Stag Do Destination Guide: Benidorm

Benidorm is a stag do favourite and, if possible, getting more and more popular each year with groups wanting 3,4 or 5 nights away in the sun.

Before we get knee deep in why you should choose Benidorm for your stag weekend, lets have some no one cares facts:

Population: 67,558 (2018), however 11 million people currently visit each year!Av. Max Temperatures: May 24℃, June 28℃, July 30℃ & August 31℃ Rainfall: 548mm annual rainfall (rainiest month is September, all the rest very low) Sky Living: Benidorm is home to over 300 skyscrapers all with their own leisure space so they don't feel all crammed in. Beaches: The sandy beaches of Benidorm are 100% natural and contrary to rumour the sand has not been imported. The sea is one of the cleanest in Europe and did you know (possibly not) Benidorm was the first resort in Spain to allow Bikinis? Nightlife: Benidorm offers over 1,000 bars and 200 nightclubs so you'll need to come for a month, not a weekend! Do The TripAdvisor Top 10 Bar …

11 Of The Best UK Stag Weekend Destinations For 2020

2020 is just around the corner and is likely to be with us quicker than Usain Bolt at an all-you-can-eat chicken nugget buffet, so I would say booking your 2020 stag weekend now is a good shout.

We've done a little investigating and found that 2020 in the wedding industry is going to be extremely busy, all the signals are there from our colleagues at various wedding venues, outlets and websites. Your stag weekend is part of this industry so booking early is a must as it's going to be one hell of a busy year!

If you've decided on the UK for your stag do but you don't know where, well luckily the DesignaVenture stag do blog is here to help you decide.

In no particular order here are 11 of the best stag weekend destinations in the UK we think will be incredible in 2020:
NEWCASTLE Whatever you say about the Geordies they are damn friendly and sure know how to party, that's why Newcastle is an extremely friendly stag do destination and makes it into our top 11. River cr…

Your Stag Do Glossary For 2020

Arranging a stag do can be very difficult, arranging 20 lads to pay, attend and enjoy a weekend isn't a walk in the park.

In my mind, you'll need to live by the 7 p's of planning*, making sure your best mate's stag do goes to plan.

*7 p's of planning = Proper Planning & Preparation, Prevents Piss Poor Performance

This stag do glossary for 2020 will help you book the best stag weekend known to man making you the very BEST best man.
SO PLANNING Make sure you plan your stag do properly, so you'll need to read this 101 The Ultimate Stag Do Guide, remember proper planning.

You will also need help planning your stag weekend.
PROPER PLANNING You have to try and think of everything, make sure everyone knows where they are going and what they're doing, so proper planning includes communicating information to the stag party.
Everyone has a smart phone and most people are on WhatsApp, so a WhatsApp group should be your communicating tool of choice, it's easy t…

Best Stag Do Destinations In April

Believe it or not April is an extremely busy month for stag dos.
Why? The average time between the stag weekend and the wedding is getting nearer 2 months.

No longer is it the night before. Many people choose stag weekends rather than stag nights, so the night before the wedding is no longer feasible.
April and May is going to busy, so where is the best stag do destinations in April? OK, so it depends on what you are looking for...


In April, you are not guaranteed sunshine in the Med, I know that's a bit of a shock but I've been to Majorca in April and it rained for the whole week and it was actually warmer in Blighty, the friggin cheek of it!

So you'll need to go further a field for guaranteed sunshine such as the Tenerife or Las Vegas! But to be honest you don't go to Las Vegas to sunbathe!

CHEAP EUROPEAN CITIES If you are looking for a cheap stag weekend abroad then look no further than Prague, Bratislava or Riga. You can get a decent pint in Prague for les…