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Stag Night Help & Advice

What happens on a stag night, stays on a stag night, right? But what happens if nothing happens? You can't get in anywhere, bars are turning groups of guys aways, clubs are full to the brim and the only place to go is the penny arcades.... You're going have a seriously ticked off stag group, so here is some killer advice on making sure your worst nightmare doesn't happen. Pre Book Pre book your nightlife people, whether you book the clubs / bars through a stag company like DesignaVenture or go direct to venues, it's really important that this is taken care of, you don't want to be all dressed up with nowhere to go. Even if you don't use the venues you've pre booked, at least you have a back up plan. Belts and braces my friends, belts and braces. Your group may want to hang out in Vodka bar or Gin Club or love Cider and want to drink a cloudy 9% monster, you will need to take care of this and pre book it - if you don't see the venue on the De