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Why Book Your Stag Do Early?

Don't leave your best friend's most important weekend of his life to the very last minute, start arranging his stag do now! There are many reasons why you should book your stag do or weekend early and luckily I am about to list them. Price In some instances in travel, booking late can make your holiday cheaper, such as a last minute week to Salou (Costa Brava) however, when booking a stag group you are usually confined to dates and this is usually over a weekend. So if you're booking a stag do abroad the earlier you book the flights the cheaper they are going to be, if you're staying in the UK booking a large group into a hotel can be tricky especially on popular weekends, booking early you'll get the cheapest flights and the best hotels. More Choice Booking your stag do early will give you a lot more choice as the availability will usually be there, so that means getting the best hotels, flight times, activity times and nightlife. When booking