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Stag Do Ideas For January

Looking for stag do ideas for January? Wow, well firstly ouch, just after Christmas, the boys are going to be skint! With this in mind DesignaVenture has a cracking stag do in Reading which is such great value for money; the Bank of England have been in touch asking us how we've done it. This rocking stag night in Reading for a mere £89 per person* includes: 1 Night in a city centre 4 star hotel Breakfast Paintball which includes 100 rounds Hovercrafts Clay Pigeon Shooting Guest List Nightclub Entry Now that's value for money people! What about indoor activities, staying inside in January is always a good idea. If the stag has demanded real snow then a trip to Milton Keynes could be your safest and cheapest bet. Milton Keynes is not only an extremely modern town / city it has loads of indoor activities including ski-ing, snowboarding and tobogganing. There is also indoor skydiving on offer but book early because I expect lots of people would of

A Stag Do in a Nutshell

First of all, what is a stag do? Well that’s a perfectly good question… if you’re from Mozambique . In the UK we all know that as a man before you get married you get a chance to say a fond farewell to all your mates. It’s not because you are not going to see them again but you kind of know that things are never going to be the same again. In other words next step, Fatherhood . In this very modern world there will be loads of exceptions and maybe this is an old fashioned explanation, because in the old days you didn’t live with your wife until you got married, so the next step after getting married really was fatherhood and family life. These days a lot of couples live together before they get married and some have children, so getting hitched won’t actually change many things, but this still doesn’t mean you can’t have a stag do, oh no. Stag Dos are a way of celebrating with your old and new chums and is really part of the whole wedding. So a st

5 Stag Do Activity Ideas

We all know that a stag do without a daytime activity can be lethal, especially if there's a day to kill and nowhere to go, except the pub that is and drinking too much can turn a stag night into a stag nightmare. So I have put together 5 cracking stag do activity ideas, for loads more stag activities and ideas browse  here . Adventure - Coasteering or Canyoning If adrenalin fuelled activities are high up on the stag do activities list then you cannot go wrong with Coasteering or Canyoning. Jumping off high ledges into deep pools whether they are filled with sea (Coasteering) or fresh water (Canyoning) you cannot get away from the fact that these two activities are pretty awesome. You don't have to worry about getting any specialised equipment as the beauty about booking your activity through a company such as DesignaVenture is we include the specialised equipment you just need to bring along with you swimwear, trainers (you don't mind getting wet) and balls of

The Finishing Touches To A Stag Do

You have booked your stag do, everything is paid up and you are almost on your way, but wait: What happens now? What do I do next? How is everyone going to know what to do and where to go? How do I make sure everyone on the stag do knows what’s going on? Why am I asking so many questions? Calm down - don’t worry, this little post will help you sail through your anxieties and get you on your way to a memorable, successful and almost stress free stag do. First Of All Communication Is King As chief stag do organiser, it’s your responsibility to make sure everyone on the stag do is aware of important information such as; hotel security bonds (if applicable), activity restrictions, age restrictions, timings etc. Booking through a stag do company such as DesignaVenture has many positives, including getting a detailed travel pack emailed to you  once you have finalised numbers and paid in full. This travel pack (at DesignaVenture we call it