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Top UK Stag Destinations On A Budget

You will find that most stag dos are governed by a price, whether it's a £100 or a £1,000 you will need to keep the weekend within reach of all the stag's mates budget. Under a hundred knicker We are looking at stag destinations in the UK where you can have the most amazing time for under a ton (that's a hundred quid, a fifth of a 'monkey', a tenth of a 'bag of sand'... you get the picture). Adventurous stag dos North Wales is a fantastic destination for active stag weekends on a budget, from white water rafting to racing Rage Buggies or shooting clay pigeons finding a stag do for well under a £100 is easier than spending a pound in the pound shop. Whether you decide to go for a night or a weekend, you can book a stag do full of adventure in North Wales. Lively City Break You need vodka bars, lap dancing clubs, themed nightclubs, massive casinos, Hooters party meals and the oldest pub in the world. Then you need  Nottingham, this city situ

Stag Do Ideas For The Football Crazy Stag

The stag has decided to put his stall out at half time and get married, so it's down to you to put the ultimate stag do together to make him happier than a FA Cup champion, so where do you start? Well, getting football themed stag do ideas is a good start: Bubble Football Bubble Football has been popular in 2014, sticking on Zorb style suits and running into each other at speed whilst playing football, sounds amazing right? It is, it's truly loads of fun. The whole of the DesignaVenture team tried Bubble Football back in August and both the girls and boys of the team loved it. After you've played enough bubble football there are other games to play such as last man standing and Bull Dog, which I am sure you will love equally as much. You can almost play Bubble Football also known as Zorb Football literally anywhere around the country, just name where you would like to play it and we can organise the venue, the kit the lot! Footgolf Football and golf oft