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Planning a Stag Do

As well as dressing up on your stag do, there are a few people you will need to be when planning a stag do: A Bank Manager Eddie Stobart (logistics, get it!!) A Sergeant Major Mother Florence Nightingale Bank Manager As chief organiser you will be in charge of how much the stag do is going to cost, taking into consideration everyone's budget. You will also be left with the age old question of whether the stag should pay for himself or if everyone should chip in a pay for him, this year we have found more and more stag parties are becoming extremely thoughtful and sharing the stag's price amongst the group. We have a little post on who pays for the stag, you can find it here Eddie Stobart   You will now have to think about logistics, here are a few scenarios: How are people going to get to the activity site? Will there be enough time to get from the activity site to the hotel before having to get to the comedy club?  Where and when will people ea

Unusual Stag Do Ideas

So you have set your mind on some unusual stag do ideas, out the window goes paintball and in comes... Well look no further people I have put together a little list on unusual stag do ideas for you to get your teeth into. Talking about getting your teeth into something how about going on a cookery day , whether it's making a Ruby Murray (curry), BBQ - ing, Pizza Making or fine dining, if your stag loves his food this would be an exceptional stag do idea. The Beer Bike , only available in European cities such as Berlin and Amsterdam this activity is more unusual then a fish riding a bicycle. Sit at a bar with pedals and tour your chosen city with a beer in your hand and a sober driver steering your bike safely, awesome! Bubble football is booking up like crazy this year, however it's new and unusual for 2014. As 2014 is the year of the World Cup, treat your stag party to a football match with a difference - wearing sorb suits making it almost impossible to tackle, wit

Bristol Stag Activities

Whether you're a petrol head, like competitive shooting or love the taste of cider, Bristol has more stag activities then you can shoot a paintball at. So let's delve a little deeper and see what Bristol has to offer, lets scratch a little and see what's below the surface, let's smack the... alright enough of the clich├ęs, but I do wonder where that last one was going! Let's start with the stag activities for the petrol heads. Bristol has one of the biggest activity sites in the UK offering loads of stag activities including some amazing machine based events which will keep even the biggest motorhead happy. From Rage Buggies and Quad Bike Racing to Supacats and Blindfold Driving,  where else would you find such fantastic boys toys to play with on a weekend. Couple them with some shooting activities and you have yourself a memorable day out. Choose between Crossbow, Assault Rifle Shooting, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Clay Archery and even the old faithful paint