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Merry Christmas Everyone!!!


Stag Do Trends For 2014

It's official, 2013 is on it's way out, and before you know it 2014 will be snapping around your ankles like a randy Terrier.

So, the DesignaVenture team of analysts have been hard at work looking under the bonnet of their massive database searching for stag do trends for 2014 and early indications have shown the following:

In the UK, seaside resorts are a firm favourite, receiving a massive 24% of bookings, these stag do resorts include Newquay, Bournemouth, Torquay and Brighton.

Staying in the UK, stag dos love an activity, and why the hell not! Activities give the stag a fantastic memory and also keeps the boys out the pub and stops the stag party peaking at 4pm.

Activities in the love locker are Rage and Rebel Buggies, Quad Biking, Coasteering, Canyoning and a mass of shooting activities including the hot favourite being Clay Pigeon Shooting closely followed by the Rifle Shooting and not forgetting shooting Zombies!!

The top stag destinations abroad for 2014 include Riga, Dub…

Don't Trip Up On Your Transport When Planning Your Stag Do

Let's make no bones about this, planning a stag do is a headache.
Booking your stag do with a company such as DesignaVenture is always advisable as these companies will sort out the major parts of your weekend such as hotels, activities, transport and clubs.
"But wait, what about if I want to book my own transport?"
"Logistically how am I going to get my group from home to our chosen stag destination and then onto activity sites etc."
Well my friends help is at hand….
Below are some useful hints, ideas and tips to make sure you have it covered.
When Planning Your Transport First things first, make sure you allow for the following before booking times: TrafficDuration (a minibus/coach will take longer than a car)Arrival timesHow long you will be on site (when booking return transport for your activities)Getting the boys onto the bus (it can be like herding cats)
Getting To Your Destination and Back We do find most people drive themselves or get the train, however ge…

Stag Do Destinations

If you are stumped on where to spend your last days of singledom before you make the biggest commitment of your life, then the following list of stag do destinations will give you a some great ideas.

The Stag Do Destination For the Privileged
Las Vegas
The mecca for American bachelor parties and now a firm favourite with our very own British stag dos. It might cost you an arm and leg to get over to Vegas, but once you are there you will possible have the best weekend of your life, you never know you may want to go back with your spouses.

The Eastern European Stag Do Destinations
The most popular old Eastern Bloc destination for stag dos, loads of activities, amazing nightlife and clubs which will put hair on your chest!

A lively, young and vibrant city with great bars and clubs and a little cheaper than Prague. Not as popular as it's counterpart Prague, but equally as good.

Possibly the cheapest stag do destination to party in under the Eastern Bloc header. Full…

Book A Stag Do Abroad The Right Way

So you've decided to go abroad for your stag do and you have 15 men chomping at the bit to get things booked.

But hey chill your boots a minute, do it properly, read on, and don't have any mishaps whilst on Jonny foreigner's land.

First things first, how are you going to get there?

Obviously depending on where you are going, most stag groups fly, taking advantage of the plentiful routes and offers from our supposedly low cost airlines.

Now I said supposedly as there are a few pointers you need to know before you book your stag party onto a flight.

In a word, CHARGES!

Most low cost airlines charge you extra for everything including; hold luggage, if you want to pay by debit card, or by credit card, to book your seats, to check in at the airport, some have even mentioned charging for the use of the toilet onboard, but I expect that was just a publicity stunt.

Most airlines fares are usually non refundable and non changeable which basically means firstly; if someone drops out …

101 Guide To Arranging The Ultimate Stag Do

So you have been given the task of arranging a stag do and you don’t know where to start, hopefully this 101 guide to arranging the ultimate stag do will help steer you in the right direction.

Getting started
1. Discuss the 3 W’s (Where, When & Wonga)
2. Find out from the stag what his expectations are
3. Make a list of destinations 
4. Check where the Hens are going…you don't want to be in the same place
5. Check with the wife-to-be that the date doesn't clash
6. Make another list of activities (day or night)
7. Cap a budget, (see tip 16 – 18)
8. Put together a list of invitees
9. Be flexible at this stage you may not be able to fulfil all his expectations, however try and cover as many as you can.
10. Don’t mix up invitees with attendees as this number will be different (see Tips 42 - 50)

Go search and you will find
11. With your tools of knowledge search the internet
12. Read blogs, reviews and speak to your mates for recommendations
13. Most stag parties tend to book with a stag do o…

Top 10 Stag Do Rules

Stag do rules whether they're funny or serious are part and parcel of a well planned stag do, and we are about to rummage through the depths of another top 10.

There are quite a few unwritten rules, which I have written down? To be honest, it wouldn't be much of a top 10 without some stag do etiquette (unwritten rules).

By the way if you are lost and are looking for some brilliant stag do games, go here.

Rule Number 1 - What Goes On Tour, Stays On Tour
This is one of the mentioned unwritten rules, it either makes the stag do sound:

Mysteriously amazingSomething has happened and no one wants to talk about it No one can remember
However whatever the reason, it's the most important rule to abide by.

Rule Number 2 - Don't Leave Your Man Behind Enemy Lines
In other words do not leave a member of the stag party asleep in a club, leaving him to get nudged by the bouncer leaving him to traverse his own way back to the hotel.

You can also apply this rule if someone in the group me…

Stag Do Ideas For January

Looking for stag do ideas for January?

Wow, well firstly ouch, just after Christmas, the boys are going to be skint!

With this in mind DesignaVenture has a cracking stag do in Reading which is such great value for money; the Bank of England have been in touch asking us how we've done it.

This rocking stag night in Reading for a mere £89 per person* includes:
1 Night in a city centre 4 star hotelBreakfastPaintball which includes 100 roundsHovercraftsClay Pigeon ShootingGuest List Nightclub Entry Now that's value for money people!

What about indoor activities, staying inside in January is always a good idea. If the stag has demanded real snow then a trip to Milton Keynes could be your safest and cheapest bet.

Milton Keynes is not only an extremely modern town / city it has loads of indoor activities including ski-ing, snowboarding and tobogganing.
There is also indoor skydiving on offer but book early because I expect lots of people would of received a voucher for Christmas and wil…

A Stag Do in a Nutshell


5 Stag Do Activity Ideas

We all know that a stag do without a daytime activity can be lethal, especially if there's a day to kill and nowhere to go, except the pub that is and drinking too much can turn a stag night into a stag nightmare.

So I have put together 5 cracking stag do activity ideas, for loads more stag activities and ideas browse here.

Adventure - Coasteering or Canyoning
If adrenalin fuelled activities are high up on the stag do activities list then you cannot go wrong with Coasteering or Canyoning.

Jumping off high ledges into deep pools whether they are filled with sea (Coasteering) or fresh water (Canyoning) you cannot get away from the fact that these two activities are pretty awesome.

You don't have to worry about getting any specialised equipment as the beauty about booking your activity through a company such as DesignaVenture is we include the specialised equipment you just need to bring along with you swimwear, trainers (you don't mind getting wet) and balls of steel.

Quirky -…

The Finishing Touches To A Stag Do