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Who Organises The Stag Do?

Who organises the stag do ? Really, is that the question? It's simple, the best man, right? Or is it.... There may be a number of reasons why it's not a good idea for the best man to organise the stag weekend: The Best Man is your dad and doesn't share your view on a fantastic stag do The Best Man is Under 18 (your son) The Best Man is your dog The Best Man couldn't organise a stripper in a lap dancing club Whatever the reason why the best man can't organise the stag weekend it'll still need to be organised. Does the groom need to take the bull by the horns and organise it himself? The Groom Organising It This isn't such a bad idea, he'll know what he wants to do. He'll also know who to invite and who definitely NEEDS to be there. Speaking to some of the staff at DesignaVenture, they sometimes find that the groom will get it all organised and then pass on the role to the best man to complete. Some grooms would actually pre

Stag Do Destination Guide: Edinburgh

The Scottish capital of Edinburgh is no stranger to stag parties and has been one of the most popular stag do destinations since, well forever! You'll understand why once you get there, the Scottish sure know how to party. But before we get knee deep into why Edinburgh is such a fantastic stag do destination lets have some very uninteresting, but secretly interesting, facts about this incredible city. Population: 489,000 (estimated) Temperatures:  June 17℃, July 19℃ & August 18℃ Rainfall: 750mm per year The Festival Month: Unless you're going to attend the Edinburgh Fringe Festival or The Tattoo I would try to avoid August for your stag weekend  (see Festival Month below)  A Writer's Paradise: JK Rowling actually wrote some of Harry Potter in a cafe called The Elephant, taking inspiration from the landscape. Extinct Volcano:  The Edinburgh Castle sits on an extinct volcano which last erupted 200 million years ago - I expect it's going to go

Cheap Stag Weekend Ideas Abroad

Getting to your abroad stag do destination is going to cost more than if you're going on a stag do in the UK, so you'll need a cheap package to make up for it. There are two major factors when deciding on your cheap stag weekend abroad, and that is; How much the package will put you back How much it will cost to party whilst on tour Below each package I have put together a simple scoring system based on the cost of partying* in that destination: 1 = Expensive 10 = Cheap The cost of pints in Europe, taken from our post: Where is the cheapest stag destination to get a pint. PRAGUE BASICS - From £99 per person Prague is the go-to destination if you are looking for very good value for money as it's cheap to stay there and cheap to party. This popular Prague stag package includes; airport transfers, 2 nights in an apartment in Prague central and a guided bar crawl with shots! Cost To Party: 10 (Cheap as chips) Cost of a pint: £1.17 MORE DETAILS

Stag Weekends Play-Off - North Wales Vs South Wales

With the Women's World Cup Finals coming to a close I thought we at the Stag Do Blog would have a playoff of our own, between the mighty North Wales and the incredible South Wales (Cardiff & Swansea). Which destination would you choose for your one and only stag weekend ? FIRST GOAL - STAG DO ACTIVITIES If you're looking to fill your stag weekend with epic adventures, activities so good you'll need a week in your bedroom to recover, Wales HAS to be your stag do destination of choice. From the fastest Zip Line in the WORLD to the brilliant white water rafting sites, gorgeous gorges for canyoning and fast and furious motorised activities, Wales has it all. However there must be a winner, and quite frankly North Wales thrashes South Wales in the stag do activity stakes!  North Wales is home to the fastest Zip Wire in the world (yes the WORLD), the longest zip line in Europe, incredible natural white water rafting sites, brilliant rage buggy tracks an

When Is the Best Time To Have a Stag Do?

When is the best time to have your stag party ? Night before? 2 weeks before? A month before? - Hang on, let's take a look... Have Your Stag Party The Night Before The Wedding? WHAT! Are you crazy?  Unless you're going to have a very chilled affair, where you barely drink and stag do pranks are totally off the menu then yes, the night before is fine. However if you don't trust your mates or after one drink you need more... then no, the night before the wedding is a big no no. Our  Verdict: A BIG No No A Week Before The Wedding? If you have friends like mine, having your stag do a week before the wedding is definitely not a good idea. Remember, you'll need to have a clear head running up to the wedding as there'll be lots to organise and do, so give yourself a good chance of being at your best and don't do it. Our  Verdict: Too close 2 Weeks Before The Wedding? OK now we're starting to get into the realms of acceptability