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Incredible Stag Activities For 2017

Christmas is one of the busiest times for marriage proposals, so with this in mind whether you're the groom, best man or chief stag do organiser you're going to need stag do ideas.

Look no further people this post is going to knock you off your feet with killer stag do activities for 2017:


"Electric" Shock Football
If there was an activity which would make you literally piss your pants as you have lost all feeling in your bowels, Electric Shock Football is one of them.

OK the electric shocks aren't that bad, similar to the shocks you get from a board game, or a tiny bit more zappier so it's stops you in mid shot, but hey what a laugh!

It's A Knockout
Dress up and compete in lots of different games which includes inflatables, foam and water. A PA will keep everyone up to date with scores, jokes and banter. All fancy dress costumes are included however most groups turn up in team t-shirts.

West Country Games / Welsh Games
Similarly to It's A Knocko…

How To Book A Stag Do With Ease

I don't usually bang on about how great DesignaVenture are as this would be an extremely boring blog.

Instead I have packed out this blog with great advice, stag do ideas, fun top 10's, an immense 101 Guide To Arranging The Ultimate Stag Do and other great posts.

Take a tour of this blog or use the search bar to find help, advice and ideas, however:

This post is all about booking your stag do with ease; finding the most efficient way to book your stag do, which can be a drag on your time and resources.

Don't get stressed, worried or feel this is just another job I have to do, as you don't, all you have to do is agree on a stag do with the Groom and let DesignaVenture take the strain.

Booking your stag do with DesignaVenture could not be easier, our experience, incredible products, easy to use website and a need to please people make us the perfect place to handle your epic stag do.

Our website has bucket loads of popular packages in loads of stag do destinations, we als…

Stag Do Destination Ideas - Amsterdam

When compiling a list of stag do destinations abroad, everyone will have their own opinion or destination requirements for example; if you want sunshine and beaches perhaps Dublin wouldn't be the best destination, if you're looking for crazy activities and cheep beer; Bratislava would be a great choice.

However if you are looking for an easily accessible city to spend 1 or 2 nights in, where you can let your hair down, Amsterdam has to be the number 1 choice on your stag do destinations list.

Amsterdam has been popular with British stag parties since, well I don't know when, but why?

Well, it could be something to do with the relaxed laws on certain natural substances and acts.

I shouldn't degrade Amsterdam as a stag do destination on just being able to smoke skunk, eat space cakes and buy sex, no, no. no... Amsterdam has so much more than just that.

There are some incredible nightclubs, great bar crawls which you could always do by bicycle (drinking responsibly, obvio…

The Essential Stag Do List

You've arranged the stag do, the weekend is looming and you are now wandering what you need to take, well that's easy; wallet, toothbrush (at a push), smartphone and passport if you're travelling abroad, right?

Well yes, ultimately if that weekend is going to be party party party, anything else will be too much baggage, literally,  however you going to stink!

If you don't like to travel too lightly and you like to have a list, here are some essentials you'll need:

Stag Kitty

Of course you need something to keep the stag kitty in, maybe an old ladies purse or a jiffy bag, whatever way you want to store all the guys dosh in, then a stag do kitty storage device is a must and be first on your list.


Don't forget the flipping tickets, they might be tickets to get you into a match, nightclub get you on a plane, get you into the races - whatever, just don't forget the tickets! If you can get them sent to you by email even better you can then just take your s…

Stag Don'ts

This blog is packed to the rafters with ideas, advice and help for what can be a tricky weekend to organise; the infamous stag do.
Over the years we have gained copious amounts of experience (well, we have been around since 2003 you know) from our own experiences and reading stacks of articles on problem stag dos, so we thought we would collate this information in to a post all about helping you keep your nose clean!
We are not trying to turn your stag do event in to a damp squid in anyway, we are actually trying to help you do quite the opposite!
Number 1 - Don't booze up before flying, unlike Red Bull and Vodka it seriously doesn't mix well
Keep off the booze if you're about to get on a flight. We are not saying don't have a few beers, just don't get larruped!
Too many stag parties this year alone have hit the headlines after being kicked off flights or worse still, landed halfway through the flight at the nearest airport and been arrested, this can also be seriously …

10 Very Different Stag Do Ideas

Grooms and Best-Men these days are always on the look-out for unusual or different stag do ideas, what's unusual or different to them could be something that another group did last year, so keeping up with the Jones' is getting harder and harder.

So we thought we better get out there, scrambled across rocks, duck under waterfalls, fly through cyber space and find you 10 different stag do ideas which are both affordable and attainable, well 2 are a bit pricey, but 8 out of 10 isn't bad!

Trabant Driving Experience in Berlin

You have never driven on old banger like it, it has a 2 stroke engine (I don't know what that means) and driving it will take you back to the Cold War days. Imagine you and your group chugging away through the old Berlin Streets in these vintage machines, memorable and OK very different.

Currently we are selling this experience for £61.00 per person.

Climb Kilimanjaro

Extreme I know, but it will mean only a small stag group as most of his mates won'…

Huge Stag Do Tip - Book Early

According to the Daily Mail the average time between engagement and marriage is 2 years!

So in reality the stag will know who he will ask to be his best man within the first 6 months of proposing.

As best man or Groom, that's a long time to plan things, and when it comes to the stag do, I personally think that booking it a year in advance is a great idea.

There are many reasons why you should book early including:
You'll get the cheapest flights (if going abroad); booking flights late can result in higher fares particularly with Low Cost Airlines (Easyjet, Ryanair etc.)Booking hotel rooms a year in advance usually means that you'll get this year's price for next year, as inevitably most hotels will put their prices upThe boys will then have plenty of time to plan and put the date in their diary, before the WAGS get there first! If you book with a stag company like DesignaVenture, you can pay off the stag do month by month if you wish, helping the lads budget for the bi…

Stag Do Ideas For 2017

OK, OK it's only August and already we are banging on about next year however, I have been in the travel business since 1989, and know that booking early especially with a large groups is essential in order to get everything that you want, booked.

I have put together some ideas for 2017 under various descriptive headers however if none of your requirements are met, we have literally thousands of more stag do ideas which include popular packages and activities on our website, get yourselves over there and getting planning.

Horse Racing Weekends

For the stag party that doesn't want anything energetic but wants adrenalin, excitement and a right laugh.

Most popular destinations:

Reading (Ascot or Newbury)

For a full list of weekends and prices go here.

The Sun

Drink, girls and 24 hour partying, the Med has been a firm favourite with lads holidays since as far as I can remember, 2, 3 or more nights in the sun, it's great for the soul!

2017 destination…

Motorised Stag Do Ideas

Quad Biking believe it or not, is one of our top motorised activities in the UK.

Thrash your quad bike through mud, water (shallow-ish, not deep rivers obviously), flat fields, woodlands, up intense vertical hills you'll be surprised what these bikes can do!

Other activity sites offer racing around a track with humps, bumps, chicanes and straights which is equally as much fun!

Here are some quad biking packages, locations and ideas on our website.

Rage Buggy Racing is another one of our top motorised stag activities.

Forget about the grass kart buggies which can't even take the skin off a rice pudding, these Rage Buggies can reach the crazy speeds of 58 mph, and the acceleration....oh the acceleration, it's pretty special, it shoves you into your bucket seat and gets you out of any corner.

Hovercrafts are noisy, fast and furious, ticking every list item on what a motorised activity should be.

Racing on a curtain of air with a giant what only can be described as a fan, propell…


It's official Beer is now become more expensive in Europe, since the UK has voted Brexit our currency has taken a Pounding, pardon the pun.

Before referendum €1.30 - €1.40 to the £1
Now it's €1.19 to the £1

Easyjet has just announced that it has seen it's cost increase in 4 weeks by £40m - now they are going to have to recoup these costs back from somewhere, and that will be on your fares in the next couple of years.

My advice for your next stag do is to Go British, stay on this amazing Island and party like it's 1999.

I don't mean dance to the Vengaboys, wear your unbuttoned shirt over a skate boarders t-shirt whilst drinking "Sex On The Beach", I mean explore this amazing land we call home, take in cities, compete in adrenalin fuelled activities and enjoy hanging out with your buddies.

Why celebrate your stag do in the UK?

First of all arranging a stag do in the UK is better for your wallet, this will help to attract more people onto the weekend as the …

What Does Brexit Mean To The Stag Do

Hey, I know this isn't the most important question on David Cameron's lips however there are going to be some implications on traveling abroad for your stag do as well as having a stag weekend in the UK.

Looking at the Stag Do Abroad...

Flights: What will happen to flight prices and is this the end of the low cost airlines that are not British?

For example before 1992 if you flew with Ryanair from Manchester to Palma, Majorca, as Ryanair is Irish they would have to touch down on Irish soil before flying on to Majorca!

Since the 1992 bill which was passed within the European Union, Ryanair can fly straight to Majorca from Manchester, saving you loads of time and money.

I am pretty sure this won't change, however there may be a levy put on by the EU, who knows!!

Medical: On a stag do there is a high chance you'll need to visit the local A&E, maybe it's severe sunburn or maybe you fell over whilst helping an old lady across a busy road, whatever's the case being…

Stag Do Destinations For 2017

I know what you're thinking, we're only halfway through 2016 and already we are ditching it for 2017.

Well, you need to look and book early in order to get what you want for the best possible price, take it from me popular stag do destinations will fill early.

HOT TIP: The last and first weekend of each month are the busiest, so try and look at other weekend dates for a lot more choice, especially when booking late.

Stag Destinations Abroad 

Now if you are looking at overseas stag destinations and looking for sun and lively nightlife; Majorca, Ibiza, Benidorm, Costa Del Sol, basically Spain you cannot go wrong with. These destinations usually have plenty of flights going to them from all over the UK and flights can be very cheap.

You will also be able to book into fully inclusive hotels, if that's what you're looking for, OUCH... just think of the hangover without the huge bar bill!!

If you prefer a little bit of culture and want to party in a lively city, then Berlin o…

Stag Do Activities

Where ever you decide to have your stag do whether it's Las Vegas or Bournemouth, best men always like to include an activity or two to keep you crazy boys out the pub.

So strap yourself in and get some cracking ideas for an incredible stag do.

Totally obscure and off the chart is Air Combat in Las Vegas:

Using laser beams (about the only place you can use laser beams near aircrafts), the aim is to try and shoot your opponent down, if you do manage to hit him, smoke will come out of the back of his plane - how cool is that!

A very popular stag activity straight out of the Mad Max Films is Rage Buggies:

Acceleration which will slam you back into your bucket seat and handling like a cat on a sofa you will love driving these machines. Competition and speed what more do you want, jam on it?

This next activity borders on the crazy, however it's a fantastic stag do idea, one of our stags called it "p**s my pants funny": Cardboard Boat Challenge, Bathtub Kart Racing & B…