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Stag Do Advice - 5 Top Tips

Your best mate is about to get married and he has put all his faith in you, wanting you to stand by him at the alter and theoretically, give him away. However, before you get to the church, before you hear those wedding bells ring out there's that age old tradition of arranging the stag do and yes, that's down to you. I have put together 5 top tips that should help you arrange, what's possibly, the most important weekend you have ever organised. 1 - The Price is Right Before you can decide on anything you need a budget. You need to find out from the stag how much his mates are willing to spend. One of the biggest crimes, and we know this, is organising a stag do or weekend that none of his mates can afford, we have had many stag dos cancelled or need drastic changes due to the best man over pricing the stag do. I am not saying we are expensive, on the contrary, I am stating that the best man with all good intentions,  wants to arrange the best stag do known to m

Adventurous Stag Do Ideas

Picture this; your stag is more adventurous than Bear Grylls, he would squeeze elephant dung for a thirst quenching drink, he'd climb a mountain just in his nicky nacky noos and swim the channel just to show you, he could. Well, if you have to organise a stag weekend for this beast of a man which activities would do? How do you feed his appetite for adrenalin? I am not too sure how wild he'd want his activities and remember there's got to be a limit otherwise people won't go, so here are some adventurous stag weekend activity ideas: Coasteering When we were kids a large part of Coasteering, which is basically chucking yourself off rocks into the sea, we called tomb-stoning.  However very rarely did we go as high as 60ft, in fact I think we never did, if you're coasteering 60ft is one of the mid range jumps. Coasteering isn't just about chucking yourself off cliffs, it's also about exploring the rugged coastline where you'll find caves, beaut