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Here's Your Chance To Make A Great Memory

Picture the scene your best mate the groom to be has just got down on one knee and asked you to be his best man and to organise the mother of all stag dos , and you've accepted. Now do you: A - Forget about it and a couple of weeks before remember and organise an extremely low key stag night down the local, with you his dad and his other mate Steve from work? B - Get on it, travel the country looking for the best stag destination for the stag event, stopping off at every lap dancing venue on the way. C - Sit down with the groom, go through stag destinations, find out what he wants to do and sort it. D - Sort out the whole weekend as a surprise for your best mate, after all you should know him very well and know what he likes. Well 'B - D' are your best options in order to give him a send off he deserves, whether you book it through a stag tour company such as DesignaVenture or do it all yourself that's your choice. The most important factor is you don&#

Stag Activities, Berlin

Berlin stag activities are superb and totally off the wall, Berlin is also a very popular stag destination so book early. Whilst you are in Berlin why not try out the Trabant driving experience. This isn't a fast paced racing stag activity, it's quite the opposite. Cruise the Berlin streets in true fifties style, there will be a convoy of these amazing cars (picture above) depending on how big your stag party is, creating quite a stir with the locals as you burn  drive down the streets looking like the old East Berliners (fancy dress optional). Germans are renown for a lot of things however drinking beer is one of their most famous past times, so you can imagine the sheer delight when you tell the boys that your stag weekend to Berlin includes a trip to a brewery with beer included. Hand gun shooting is one of the most popular stag activities, so when in Berlin have a go at shooting a 9mm revolver, who has the eye of the tiger and who is the Mr Magoo of the stag do.

10 Reasons Why Paintball Is Such A Great Stag Activity

Ever since stag nights became stag weekends , paintball has always been a big player in offering a solution to the age old question; "right what should we do on our stag do then"? Well, I have compiled 10 reasons why paintball is still an unbeatable activity: It's a team sport so everyone in your stag party is playing at the same time, no hanging around until it's your go, unless you get shot!! Paintball is a relatively cheap stag activity, most stag destinations offer full and half day packages from £16 per person. The price includes all specialised equipment and protective clothing and most locations include your first 100 shots. Gram for Gram a full on game of paintball will pump more adrenalin round your body compared to other stag activities.   Paintball is more then just aiming and shooting, good tactics and leadership will improve your team's chances of winning.  There are now loads of indoor venues popping up around the country, creating ex