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Stag Do Destination Guide: Amsterdam

Pure Unadulterated Amsterdam Facts Average Temp: June: 19c | July: 21c | August: 21c Rainfall: 771mm per year Location: 52.47, 4.89 Above Sea Level: 13 metres above sea level Population: 741,000 In the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s if you were lucky, going on a stag weekend abroad would mean Amsterdam, and you wouldn't fly, no way, you'd get the ferry and then coach it into the city of 'stag do indulgence', better known as Amsterdam . These days, we have a multiple of stag do destinations on offer abroad from Riga to Magaluf, Las Vegas to Budapest, there is a city to for every taste, the world is absolutely your "oyster". However, Amsterdam hasn't lost it's charm, you can still go and eat a space cake or smoke a doobie if you choose, there is still a red light district to explore, you can still hire a bike and go on an epic bike / bar tour along the canals or even get a private narrow boat with skipper and bar tour that way. Amsterdam still h

Hot Weather Essentials For Your Stag Weekend

Currently the weather is barmy, the UK hasn't been this hot, well not since the famous summer of 1976, and don't they go on about the hot summer of '76', not any more people, what about the scorching summer of 2018? So while you are on your stag weekend you will be putting in loads of effort to dehydrate yourself, that's right even though you are drinking bucket loads of beer you are actually dehydrating yourself. Drinking 200ml of an average beer or lager (which is usually  4 - 5 percent), you will urinate 320ml of urine, so you are 120ml the wrong way! My first recommendation is to DRINK LOADS OF WATER;  between pints, after a night on the town, before you go out, on the way to your stag weekend destination, drink as much as you can. Drinking loads of water will also give you less of a hangover, FACT! Give Me Shades You need to protect your eyes people and there's no better way then to look extremely cool in a pair of su

World Cup Inspired Stag Do Activities

The world cup final is nearly here, England are in the Semis and hopefully tomorrow they will beat Croatia and book themselves into the final - I haven't felt this nervous about a semi since the last time I watched Brokeback Mountain! With a record beating 20+ million people watching the last couple of England World Cup matches, football is well and truly in the blood of us Brits. So below I have put together some obvious and not so obvious stag activities inspired by the World Cup: 5 A side Obviously right? Well a lot of stag parties choose to book 5 a side football because not only is it very cheap but also a great winner with the average size of a stag group (average size of a stag group is 12 people) so 6 a side then! There are loads of indoor and outdoor football astro turf pitches all over the UK, so where ever you choose to have your stag do I am pretty sure there will be one nearby. Bubble Football This is deranged 5 a side football where fouling is part

The Importance Of Your Stag Weekend

A short 20 year history of stag weekends In the late 1990's and early 00's, finding a hotel that would except a single sex party (stag do) was fairly difficult, quite a few establishments would put a blanket ban to all male parties and stag groups. These days, hotels and nightclubs are tripping over themselves to except stag parties, as they know, these type of parties increase their bar and restaurant takings (otherwise known as F&B) and they know that only a very small amount of groups misbehave. There has always been bad press around the humble stag do. The "Press" heavily smear the humble stag party with damning and exaggerated stories, remember tabloids love to feed off negativity as that's what sells their advertising space, they don't care how much income these groups bring into towns and cities every weekend. The current go-to article that the tabloids love to release, are from the reporters who hate going on stag weekends because they f