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Nottingham For Your Next Stag Do Anyone?

In the late nineties early naughties, Nottingham was the most popular stag do destination in the UK. Now after several years in the wilderness and in the shadows of other fantastic UK stag do destinations such as Bournemouth, Edinburgh, London and Newquay, Nottingham has seen a bit of a revival. The Nottingham city centre has had a fair amount of investment over the last few years, and some of the new kids on the block include some amazing restaurants*, lively bars and some banging nightclubs. *Some the of the best curry houses I have ever eaten in! Then you have the stag do activities and what a choice from Rage Buggies to White Water Rafting, Clay Pigeon Shooting to Quad Biking, Paintball to Indoor Karting, there are just too many stag activities to mention. However one of the most popular stag do ideas in Nottingham is It's a Knockout (pictured above). Foam, water, fancy dress and competition, what else do you need! Nottingham also has it's geographic locatio

Stag Do Ideas For The Insane

Some stag do activities are just plane mad, either risky as hell, or just whacky. Take for example an activity in Reading, which includes a Cardboard Boat Challenge and Bathtub Kart Racing. Now, it’s not really a risky stag do activity but you need to have of some sort of Top Gear disorder to book it, and stags have booked it in their droves. Bungee Jumping / Bridge Swinging you do need to be slightly insane to attach a load of platted rubber bands around your ankles and then jump from a 150ft ledge and expect to survive. It’s a great activity for the stag, or for the whole stag party to do. Trabant driving in Berlin is quite a sedate affair, they cannot hit any dangerous speeds however these two stroke 1950's old soviet cars are loads of fun to drive.  Drive around Berlin with your zany mates in a kind of Trabant convoy giving your stag do a little bit of class. Police arrest will leave your poor stag insane. One scenario is a dummy police van wil

Where on Earth is Riga?

Riga is the capital of Latvia, which is an old Russian communist state, gaining independence on the 21 st August 1991. “So what has this got to do with stag do ideas , then?” Don’t get sweaty; I am about to tell you. Riga is not only one of the cheapest places to drink in Europe but also boasts possibly the most stag do activities available to man within a fair driving distance from your hotel. Some of these stag activities are also unique an amazing amount of fun. For example, Bobsleigh, you are speeding down a proper ice track (only in winter), giving you the REAL experience of an Olympian. In the summer when the weather is hot, you go down with an Olympic instructor using wheels, you still get up to some fantastic speeds. Then you have AK 47 shooting, now I have done this and it blows your mind (not literally). First of all you put it into semi automatic, then stick it into automatic, wowsers, it’s like the A Team titles in the 80’s. These are two unique stag

Stag Do! HELP! What Next?

You have just been asked to be best man at your best mates wedding and the first thing you say is "what are we going to do for the stag do?" So, what are you going to do for your stag do? Is it a UK destination with loads of activities? Eastern Europe for cheap booze? Or is it sun, sea and sangria in one of the Med's lively resorts? Whatever choice you make, here are a few tips and ideas to make the whole event run smoother then a pint of the black stuff:  Talk to the people the groom wants to come and try and be as accommodating to everyone's tastes as possible. On the contrary, don't let any one's opinion rule the decision, make an executive decision yourself from everyone's feedback, afterall you are the best man.  Following on from the first point, try not to price anyone off the stag do, we all have a budget. If you do over price the stag weekend it might end up just you and the stag going.  Try your very best to do something in

VEGAS - Enough Said!

You only have to mention Vegas in the stag do world, and you know, not only is it one of the most popular stag do destinations in the universe, but also, the most famous bachelor hangout. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:   Stag Activities: Air Combat! Casinos, obviously: Day clubs or pool parties, amazing atmosphere and a few pretty girls thrown in: Almost a mile long Zip Wire: So stag do, Vegas, enough said!