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Prague or Bratislava for my Stag Do?

That is a perfectly good question , “Prague or Bratislava for my stag do?”. Lets start with a quick geography lesson. Bratislava is the capital of Slovak Republic and Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. These two countries used to be joined in a mutual matrimony in a huge country called Czechoslovakia.   On the 01 st January 1993 the two countries decided to split into two, in a peaceful dissolution creating two amazing countries and two incredible capitals and funny enough, both top stag destinations. Right now the Geography lesson is over let’s get down to business. Bratislava is a fantastic city to go out in, making it a stag do must. It has a young crowd full of students and graduates, creating a friendly and lively atmosphere. Most of the clubs and bars in Bratislava centre are all within easy walking distance of each other and the ladies, oh the ladies….. Obviously you will be window shopping (not like Amsterdam, that i

Top 10 Stag Do Pranks

A stag do and pranks go together like Ant & Dec, Cheese & Biscuits and the Government and taxes. Below you will find our top 10 stag do pranks we have compiled from all of our customer stories, and are in no particular order. Visa, What Visa? If you have a hermit stag that thinks going on holiday is leaving the county this stag do prank is for you. What you need is: A stag do Abroad Someone who is good on Photoshop Everyone in on the joke (except the stag) The Photoshop geek will need to design a visa for the country you are holding the stag do in and print off a copy for each party member with their individual names on (except the stag). At the airport in the check in line everyone bring out their pretend visas and watch the stags heart sink.  The trick is to keep it going all the way through the stag do, telling him to keep his head down when walking past the police. Kidnap In most Old Eastern Bloc countries you can buy thi