Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Stag Do Ideas For February

Man doing snow angels
February is a funny time of year to have a stag do, you have just got over the hangover of Christmas and it's time to spend some more money on partying, ah well you only live once (or YOLO as some trendy, out there people may say, I don't, because I am neither!).

Below are a list of killer ideas for your stag do in February:


Christmas is over, however you're still paying for your Mum's bread maker, and you're girlfriend's underwear (hopefully it's not the other way round, or you're in trouble); in this case you don't have an awful amount of cash to spare.

There is no better place to party then the UK with Bournemouth being the number one destination.

As Bournemouth is a Uni town, the bars and clubs are busy most of the year round and in February would you believe Bournemouth heats up nicely with a fantastic party atmosphere.

We have quite a few packages on our Bournemouth section of our website, full of great prices and deals for February.

Birmingham is another stag do destination which has lively nightlife and can be done on a bit of a budget. Broad Street is always lively and as the Birmingham council are spending millions on a much needed facelift and regeneration you will love the new look, it's looks more European than Brussels.


Including adventure in a stag do is the norm these days, something that will keep the boys out of the bars until at least lunch time (or later) with an activity that will put hair on their chests.

North Wales is a great place to scare the living bejesus out of yourselves from Canyoning, White Water Rafting or even racing super fast Rage Buggies all available and all totally do-able in February.

Edinburgh is great city to celebrate your stag do, and is just a short driving distance from the highlands where you can do similar activities to North Wales but there's more chance of seeing some of the white stuff, I am talking about snow.

Stag Group Bobsleighing in Riga
How about flying down an Olympic standard track in a Bobsleigh, well you'll need to be in Riga for a start and on a stag do, there are only a handful of places in the world that cater for stag dos like Riga.

If you prefer to stay closer to home how about Bristol, stay in the centre of this lively and very popular city and then travel twenty minutes to one of the best activity sites in the UK. The selection is massive and all on one amazing site, activities include; Rage Buggies, Quad Bike Racing, Shooting Assault Rifles, Supakats, Exploding Archery, Axe Throwing, Clay Pigeon Shooting... the list is endless.


By February the UK's winter can feel like it's been here since 1973 so what better way to crush those winter blues by having a stag do somewhere warm.

In my mind the closest place to visit in February with a 99% chance of some decent warm sunshine is Tenerife.

A group enjoying a pool party in Tenerife
Tenerife is Spanish owned and is about a 4 hour flight from the UK. Playa De Las Americas is the liveliest resort on the Island which has loads of bars, clubs and an atmosphere to boot.

Check out Tenerife's legendary pool parties, they are awesome.

If you're budget can stretch it, how about Las Vegas?

Vegas is the Stag Do Haven of the world, with day and nightlife so good, they'll have to physically arrest you to get you back on the plane, either that or you'll run out of spends.

You could try Benidorm, however the weather in the Med isn't guaranteed that time of year, can be rather wet.

You can find loads of stag do ideas on our website, and if you can't find what you are looking for, give us a call on 01432 830880, we are up for any request.

Good luck!

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Stag Do Ideas For 2016

Has your best mate just asked you to be his best man and more importantly asked you to arrange his stag do for year?

2016 is knocking at the door people, it's ringing the doorbell, shouting through your letterbox; within a month and a bit you will be celebrating a New Year, so if you haven't started looking and you're in desperate need of some awesome stag do ideas, you have come to the right place.

DesignaVenture has been in business since 2003 and what we don't know about stag dos ain't worth knowing, or in some cases some of the stuff we do know, shouldn't be worth knowing, what goes on tour, stays on tour and all that!


So if the stag has requested sunshine, sangria and stupidly late nights with copious amounts of beer then look no further than Spain.

Within 2 and 3 hours you can be soaking up the sun, with a pint of San Miguel and the warm Mediterranean sea lapping at your toes.

Popular stag destinations such as Benidorm, Marbella, Majorca, Ibiza all have incredibly lively resorts with an atmosphere so good you could put lipstick on it and call it Barbara.

Alternatively if you're looking for a more cultural stag do, Spain will also deliver with resorts such as
Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Seville. These cities are extremely characterful and extremely sophisticated in parts and are ideal for the stag party looking for a bit more of a dignified celebration.

Head to the Spanish Canary Islands between the months of November and April to guarantee sunshine. The liveliest resorts are Playa De Las Americas on Tenerife and Playa Del Ingles in Gran Canaria. Please note that the Canaries are approximately 4 hours from the UK.


There is no better time to for adventurous activities then on a stag do.

Adrenalin; chuck yourself off high cliff ledges into deep sea pools whilst coasteering, slide down waterfalls and traverse gorges whilst Canyoning or even toboggan down an Olympic designed course in Riga the choices are endless.

Motorised; from racing the amazing Stock Cars or incredibly fast Rage Buggies to thrashing through woodlands on quad biking, motorised activities are always popular on a stag do.

Waterways; tackle the white water rivers of Scotland or North Wales, go further a field to Prague or Valencia if you're abroad. Alternatively, canoe down the River Wye for a couple of nights on one of the most chilled out stag weekends you'll ever have.

Balls & Games

Bubble Football is an excellent stag do activity, it's cheap, brilliant as a group and you'll have so much fun you'll want to wear them at night!

Paintball is again it's cheap and a fantastic activity, sometimes to do Paintball on a stag do is a bit of a cliche and you may not original fancy it, however once you are fully armed up, and running through ambushes you'll get the buzz.

It's a Knockout is another amazing activity that you can do with your group and feel like a team. Take on other parties including loads of hen parties which adds to the whole occasion.

For literally thousands of stag do ideas, head over to our website, from packages to activity days to amazing nights out you will love it.

Good luck!

Monday, 9 November 2015

Domino Stagging

3 guys drinking shots on a stag do
What is Domino Stagging?

Basically, in your group of friends, one man will announce he is going to get married and has a stag do to arrange, all of a sudden the boys will start falling down like dominos and the marriage bug will affect all and sundry, it's totally infectious.

It happened to my group of friends and if it hasn't happened to you yet, just wait, it's going to!

So how do I prepare for Domino Stagging?

First of all you will need to get drinking fit, you might need a personal trainer, someone who is going to take you out every night and get you good and drunk, because you'll need to be able to stand up after 5 shots of Sambuca!

Luckily in your twenties and thirties, university life, going out and holidays with the lads etc. most of you will already be drinking fit.

You will need a passport, one with plenty of validity on it. Get a passport cover if you wish, pimp it up, do what ever it takes, but make sure you have one.

Deep pockets, you will also need pockets like a clown! It ain't going to be cheap however you are going to have some of the best weekends of your life!

Man dressed in Super hero fancy dress outfit with a lust for life
Get a lust for life, as you'll need to be up for anything. Stag dos these days aren't just about karting and then a drink down the pub, it's that and more. You may find yours self dressing up in a  Morph suit and going to dinner, or handcuffing the stag to a dwarf for the weekend or even learning how to pole dance, stags these days are pushing the boundaries more ways than one.

Learn how to be organised, as you will no doubt be asked to be a best man in the #dominostagging era, so getting the stag party into hotels, onto flights and to activity sites will be something expected of you.

Never in your life will the phrase "What Goes On Tour, Stays On Tour" mean so much, and said by so many.

You Will Eat, Drink, Sleep Stag Do - Think of this 'Era' as an initiation ceremony that lasts about 3 years, it's an initiation into the next stage of your life which will include mortgages, kids and Christmas dinners with your in-laws!

Walking Human DominosSo this is an important time of your life (#dominostagging), sharing experiences with old friends from school, uni, work etc. and getting it out of your system.

 It will also teach you a lot about yourself, mainly how much you can drink before you have the need to sit under a table and sing a Taylor Swift tunes, your future wife doesn't need to see that part of you!

So don't complain about all these stag dos, embrace them, get involved let your hair down and have the time of your life.

And lastly, get friendly with a stag do company such as DesignaVenture, they will help you out and make this part of your life a breeze to arrange, it's then down to you to enjoy!