Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Stag Do Destination Ideas - Amsterdam

When compiling a list of stag do destinations abroad, everyone will have their own opinion or destination requirements for example; if you want sunshine and beaches perhaps Dublin wouldn't be the best destination, if you're looking for crazy activities and cheep beer; Bratislava would be a great choice.

However if you are looking for an easily accessible city to spend 1 or 2 nights in, where you can let your hair down, Amsterdam has to be the number 1 choice on your stag do destinations list.

Amsterdam has been popular with British stag parties since, well I don't know when, but why?

Well, it could be something to do with the relaxed laws on certain natural substances and acts.

I shouldn't degrade Amsterdam as a stag do destination on just being able to smoke skunk, eat space cakes and buy sex, no, no. no... Amsterdam has so much more than just that.

There are some incredible nightclubs, great bar crawls which you could always do by bicycle (drinking responsibly, obviously), excellent restaurants and boat trips you can explore this amazing city day and night.

If you didn't know Amsterdam has loads of canals running through the streets then you do now, this will give you an incredible back drop to which will certainly be an amazing weekend away.

Sit and have a beer in Rembrandt Square or take a tour of the Redlight District to fill the hours.

Better still, book a beer bike for a couple of hours... Imagine, just you and the boys pedalling slowly around Amsterdam whilst drinking beer, taking in the sites and listening to your own music being pumped out through the onboard sound-system.

Don't panic you won't have to steer it, each beer bike which can take up to 17 people, has it's very own sober driver / tour guide.

With 30 litres of beer and an incredible sound system, your beer bike awaits you....

Amsterdam is also very close to the UK, a mere hour and a bit on a plane and you'll arrive at Schiphol airport. Then, getting to Amsterdam Central (the main railway station right in the centre of Amsterdam) is extremely easy, there's a train station underneath the airport and within 22 minutes you'll be stepping out into the middle of this amazing city.

Where to stay....

If, like me, you like to stay in the centre of a city where you don't need public transport to get around (taxis are incredibly expensive in Amsterdam) then look for accommodation which is within a 10 - 20 minutes walk of Amsterdam Central station, but saying that the trams are pretty easy to work out and currently run from 6am to 12.30am, perfect timing as you won't be getting home before 6am surely!

Amsterdam also offers popular stag do activities such as Paintball, Karts etc. for that classic stag weekend and if you're looking to keep the boys out the bars all day, but hey you can do that anywhere.

Good luck...

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Essential Stag Do List

You've arranged the stag do, the weekend is looming and you are now wandering what you need to take, well that's easy; wallet, toothbrush (at a push), smartphone and passport if you're travelling abroad, right?

Well yes, ultimately if that weekend is going to be party party party, anything else will be too much baggage, literally,  however you going to stink!

If you don't like to travel too lightly and you like to have a list, here are some essentials you'll need:

An old ladies purse as a stag do kittyStag Kitty

Of course you need something to keep the stag kitty in, maybe an old ladies purse or a jiffy bag, whatever way you want to store all the guys dosh in, then a stag do kitty storage device is a must and be first on your list.


Don't forget the flipping tickets, they might be tickets to get you into a match, nightclub get you on a plane, get you into the races - whatever, just don't forget the tickets! If you can get them sent to you by email even better you can then just take your smart phone.


Old clothes for activities, even though you may be given overalls, you will still need some old clothes to wear underneath.

Old Trainers for wet activities such as White Water Rafting, Coasteering, Canyoning etc.

Smart Casual - the pinnacle statement of most nightclub's dress code - some may need you to wear a collar others will state "no sportswear" which may include trainers, so check the dress codes out before packing.

Swimwear - for wet activities (you'll need to wear something under your wetsuit) if you're going somewhere hot you'll need your Speedos to wear by the pool or beach.

Fancy Dress / T-shirts / Pranks / Games

On your stag do as best man you will need to consider whether Fancy Dress or stag do t-shirts is part of the plan, so getting this sorted a good month before the weekend is a must.

Games are something which can be discussed with other members of the group for their feedback, however when it comes to pranks, this is down to you and maybe a few trusted members of the party, so don't forget:

Cling film
Blow Up Sheep
Plaster of Paris
Gaffer Tape
Fake Tattoos
Mars Bars

You can find a list of our top 10 stag do pranks here.

We have also put together a list of stag do games


In my mind all you need is a smart phone, however if you want to film the stag going down a load of rapids in a raft (white water rafting is the technical term) then maybe a Go Pro would be handy, if you don't have one or don't want to buy one, somebody in the group is bound to have a Go Pro or similar.

Better still, get yourself a Drone with a HD camera onboard for filming activities from above, please get the activity site's permission first, we don't want any mishaps!

If you are looking at storing most things on your smart phone like directions, tickets etc. a portable battery charger will come in handy, and don't forget the charging lead!

However too many gadgets will weigh you down so a smart phone is essential the rest is surplus.

Good luck!


Friday, 30 September 2016

Stag Don'ts

This blog is packed to the rafters with ideas, advice and help for what can be a tricky weekend to organise; the infamous stag do.

Over the years we have gained copious amounts of experience (well, we have been around since 2003 you know) from our own experiences and reading stacks of articles on problem stag dos, so we thought we would collate this information in to a post all about helping you keep your nose clean!

We are not trying to turn your stag do event in to a damp squid in anyway, we are actually trying to help you do quite the opposite!

Number 1 - Don't booze up before flying, unlike Red Bull and Vodka it seriously doesn't mix well

Keep off the booze if you're about to get on a flight. We are not saying don't have a few beers, just don't get larruped!

Too many stag parties this year alone have hit the headlines after being kicked off flights or worse still, landed halfway through the flight at the nearest airport and been arrested, this can also be seriously costly to you, definitely the best way to totally ruin a stag do!

Number 2 - Don't pay for the group in full, then expect them all to pay you back.

OK,  We know you want the best stag do for your mate, but picking up the tab because you’re the organiser of the stag do is certainly unwise, especially paying for people you don't know or trust in the group.

Within a time frame, typically 4 weeks of departure, most stag companies will not refund for cancelled places so don't pay for people unless they have paid you or you trust them explicitly. People are extremely fickle and will say "yes count me in" just to be apart of the conversation, you have been warned.

Number 3 - Don't forget to bring Your ID

If you look under 25 most venues these days will ask for ID, so don't leave it to chance bring your ID to the stag do, unless you have grey hair and have more bags under your eyes then my bag-for-life draw, actually you better bring ID to, you may of had a hard paper round.

Number 4 - Don't be rude

The last thing you want to do is p*ss people off in your hotel, at the activity site or restaurant/clubs, so be civil and enjoy your weekend. Getting kicked off site, or out of your digs halfway through the night is not cool. It's not just your time you will spoil it may be your mates as well.

Number 5 - Don’t get on it before your daytime activities 

If you plan to drink the entire stag weekend make sure you haven’t booked any activities which cannot be done under the influence. There have been cases were activity providers have refused groups to protect their and your safety.

So if you have an activity enjoy it and then get on it, not the other round.

Number 6 - Don't be gobby or go all social media 

'What goes on tour, stays on tour' and this old rule may sound crass, obnoxious, laddie or whatever you want to label it, it's a great rule to stick by, you maybe protecting your fellow staggers and others. 

Remember some people would rather not know. No one likes their bubble burst.

Number 7 - Don’t be a total Tw*t

Please note; fortunately this only applies to less than 1%

Don't be that tw*t in the group that urinates on a monument, shouts obscenities or exposes themselves because you think its funny, even if you have the body of Aiden Turner, you could be arrested, or worse still; just be a total liability to the other members of the group who will be wishing you’d drop down a crack in the pavement.

All joking aside do you really want to be the one remembered for all the wrong reasons?

We have endless other stag do advice and tips, plus even a 101 guide, explore our blog and have a brilliant stag do.

Good luck!