Stag Do Destination Ideas - Nottingham

Umm Nottingham, isn't that where Robin Hood lives like?

Oh c-mon, if that's the only thing you can think of when someone mentions Nottingham you've never been there on a night out, let a lone a stag weekend.

In my mind, Nottingham is one of the friendliest places in the UK, it's also the perfect stag do destination for it's perfect geographical position, which is by the way slap bang wallop in the middle of the UK, making it the ideal meeting point if you have a group of mates spread all over the Britain.

I am not going to bore you with Nottingham's excellent rail and bus links, plus it's right next to East Midlands airport and just off the M1 and near the M6 - however, I just did without you noticing.

The best thing about Nottingham is it's been extremely popular with stag parties from all over the UK since the 90s, so the locals know how to cater and look after them.

Hot Tip: Hotels in the city centre get booked up very quickly so booking early is a mus…

Stag Do Planning Guide

The 7 P's

Proper Planning & Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance

So start planning your stag do early, a year in advance is an ideal time to start, if possible.

The List

The stag will know exactly who wants he wants to attend his stag do, you may even ask him if Dave's friend from work can come, so keep your list fluid and be prepared for numpties (see Dealing With Pub Talkers below).

Choose Your Ideal Date

Choosing a date can be a real nightmare however, if you start arranging the stag do a year in advance it will be a lot easier.

If deciding on a date start's to become like herding ferrets then book a date that will keep the main people happy, all the rest can fall in line - you can't perform miracles you know!

COMMUNICATE - I.T. Up Your Planning

Create a WhatsApp group for banter and important decisions - fancy dress - t-shirts etc. WhatsApp groups are a free and easy way of communicating. You can even create a separate WhatsApp group without the stag for pra…

Bubble Football - The Ultimate Stag Do Activity

Bubble football, AKA Zorb football is a fantastic stag do activity, and if you've never done it before you will love the concept.

There's not many football matches (if any) where your main ambition is to knock your opponent off their feet, well, there is now with Bubble football.

Bubble football is a fantastic stag do activity, why? It will keep the boys together, it's more of a team competition rather than an individual experience like a lot of stag activities are.

Why not set up a match; best man & ushers Vs rest of the group or uni mates vs work mates, whichever teams you think will work.

So what's included?

When you book with DesignaVenture everything you need for an epic time is included, Bubble's / Zorb suits, venue hire, footballs, goal posts and most venues offer bubbly for the winning team!

We also mainly use venues which have changing rooms, showers etc and some even have a bar!

This activity is so funny you will laugh your bubble off - if that's …

UK Summer Stag Do Ideas

The summer is the best time to have an adventurous stag do, May, June, July and August are the best months to white water raft, race karts, zip wire down a mountain or jump off a cliff into a deep pool.

With that in mind lets dig deeper into some incredible stag do activities which will make your stag weekend rock.


Like I said jumping into deep water off a huge cliff side will sort the men out from the boys, basically, are you going to piss like a puppy or start barking with the real dogs (no peer pressure then!).

When booking Coasteering with a professional outfit (like DesignaVenture), we will make sure it's safe and you'll be provided with all the right kit including buoyancy aids, helmet, wet suits etc. plus you'll have a professional instructor guiding you along.

Locations: Bournemouth, Newquay & Swansea

Outdoor Go Karting

This is the closest you'll get to Formula 1 with a stag group. Twin engine karts like the ones you get in Newquay will certainly g…

Pick Bournemouth For Your Next UK Stag Do

When looking for a destination in the UK to hold your stag do, most best men / ushers will have a list of requirements;

Incredible ActivitiesImmense NightlifeDecent HotelsStag Friendly Clubs & Bars 
Well my friends, Bournemouth is that very destination.

With more activities than you can possibly imagine, and unbelievable nightlife, you're likely to have the weekend of your life, which is exactly what a stag do should be all about.

Did I mention the beach?

The beach is 7 miles of presteigne sand where on warm days you can relax between activities or on a Sunday morning, recoup before the long journey home.

But let's not talk about the dark day of going home...


So what's on offer?

From Zip Wire (fly from the top of the Pier right onto the Beach) to racing Rage Buggies around a specially designed off round course, Bournemouth has a full spectrum of fantastic activities.

Choose the Quad Biking Mega Trek, 1 hour of blasting these bikes over some incredible terrain,…

Stag Do Pranks - The Stitch Up Stories

Way back in May 2013 we wrote a post on Top 10 stag do pranks which has been viewed so many times I really do feel sorry for the modern day stag!

And with that in mind here are some belter stories taken from the net which happened and have video evidence to back it up. I have included links and YouTube videos so you can see the carnage for yourself.

A Brutal Chinese Stag Do Ritual

They don't do things by halves in China so if they're going to tie the groom to a lamp post there has to be some more elements to make it a proper prank.

The lamp post must be in the middle of a 8 lane motorwayThe Groom must be nakedThe stag group must be there to pelt the groom with eggs and flour for at least 5 minutes
The groom is then released and runs off naked! Check the video out here.

This happened in Shandong province of China and is a ritual called 'Marriage Teasing'.

Paraded and Shamed

This poor groom is paraded through the streets on a trailer half naked and covered in baked beans a…

Give Me Adventure On My Stag Do

OK, ok so you're looking for adventure on your stag do, something that's going to scare the living daylights out of the lads, hang you all out to dry and make you feel incredible, then look no further people I have just put together some adventurous stag do ideas for the UK.

There is nothing like free falling off a mountain, lucky you're attached to a Zip Wire - but not just any old Zip Wire, try Velocity in Snowdonia.

Velocity is not only the fastest zip wire in the world it's the longest in Europe and you can drive there!

Extremely fast, incredibly responsive and sticks to the track like nothing else, these motorised beasts are a firm favourite with our stag parties and are available throughout he UK.

600 - 900cc, with loads of torque and acceleration which will sit you back in your bucket seat, nothing else compares.


This activity isn't for people who don't like heights. Scramble across cliff faces, finding ledges to jump off, …