Give Me Adventure On My Stag Do

OK, ok so you're looking for adventure on your stag do, something that's going to scare the living daylights out of the lads, hang you all out to dry and make you feel incredible, then look no further people I have just put together some adventurous stag do ideas for the UK.

There is nothing like free falling off a mountain, lucky you're attached to a Zip Wire - but not just any old Zip Wire, try Velocity in Snowdonia.

Velocity is not only the fastest zip wire in the world it's the longest in Europe and you can drive there!

Extremely fast, incredibly responsive and sticks to the track like nothing else, these motorised beasts are a firm favourite with our stag parties and are available throughout he UK.

600 - 900cc, with loads of torque and acceleration which will sit you back in your bucket seat, nothing else compares.


This activity isn't for people who don't like heights. Scramble across cliff faces, finding ledges to jump off, …

Stag Packages Vs Build Your Own Stag Weekend

So what's best, building your own stag weekend or booking a popular package?

Build Your Own Stag Weekend
These days you can build your own stag do on most stag websites, DesignaVenture has a very easy way of building your own stag weekend, giving you lots of destination choices, activity and hotel options, plus it gives you a price, there and then, no messing!

Alternatively, you can build your own stag weekend by simply booking every aspect of the weekend separately - this may work out cheaper then booking through a stag company however, it will take you a lot of time and and you must be committed.

Stag Packages
These are ready made packages, and usually include popular activities, nightlife and city centre hotels, most of the time these packages are discounted.

We have an extremely easy way of viewing stag packages which will help you find your perfect stag night or weekend.

So what's best for my group then?

That's a very good question...

OK, say you know that you want:


Stag Night Help & Advice

What happens on a stag night, stays on a stag night, right?

But what happens if nothing happens? You can't get in anywhere, bars are turning groups of guys aways, clubs are full to the brim and the only place to go is the penny arcades....

You're going have a seriously ticked off stag group, so here is some killer advice on making sure your worst nightmare doesn't happen.

Pre Book

Pre book your nightlife people, whether you book the clubs / bars through a stag company like DesignaVenture or go direct to venues, it's really important that this is taken care of, you don't want to be all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Even if you don't use the venues you've pre booked, at least you have a back up plan. Belts and braces my friends, belts and braces.

Your group may want to hang out in Vodka bar or Gin Club or love Cider and want to drink a cloudy 9% monster, you will need to take care of this and pre book it - if you don't see the venue on the DesignaVenture o…

When Should I Book The Stag Do?

You have just been told by your best mate he’s getting married and as you’re the best man you are now set with a major task; arranging the stag do.

Don’t be a rabbit in the headlights, providing they are not getting married in 2025, you need to get the wheels in motion.

Usually on average you should know at least a year in advance, but with that year don’t rest on your laurels my friend, you need to get on it like a car bonnet.

Time is of the essence, you’ll have a list as long as your arm to sort things including:
WhenWhereWhoHow many nightsBudgetCommunicationGetting the money inGetting there
So the quick answer to “when should I book the stag do?” = right now!

Best way to communicate
There are a million ways to communicate these days, setting up a WhatsApp group, Facebook page (keep private), Twitter (keep private), email etc.

I would highly recommend one of the above mediums or any other way which keeps EVERYONE in the loop, communication is key to a successful stag weekend.

Once yo…

50 Stag Do Ideas For 2018

Here are 50 brilliant stag do ideas for 2018, short and snappy ideas, hopefully you'll find one or two for your weekend in 2018 and beyond.

1: Beer / Cider Tasting - All over the UK - Booze on a stag do, who would of thought it? (Drinking responsibly, of course).

2: White Water Rafting - North Wales, South Wales, Scotland, Nottingham, Europe - Amazing amount of fun, excellent hang over cure / wake up remedy.

3: Zip Wire - Has To be Velocity in North Wales - Fastest in the world no less...

4: Quad Biking - Go somewhere where the whole stag group gets a quad bike and go off and explore - Bournemouth is great for that - Nationwide.

5: Paintball - A stag do favourite - Nationwide.

6: Canoeing & Camping - Our canoeing and camping option is on the River Wye in Herefordshire it's popular and really well done, even if we don't mind saying so!

7: Canyoning - North & South Wales, Scotland, England Europe - Exhilarating.

8: Learn To BBQ Properly - Webber do courses around th…

Zip Up Your Stag Do

If you're looking for some incredible and adventurous activities for your stag do, North Wales is the destination of choice. This fantastic adventure land has some of the best activities in the world let a lone the UK.

North Wales has some pretty impressive accolades when it comes to the Zip Wire activity, well it is hilly which is fairly handy - Holland doesn't stand a chance!

First of all it has the fastest zip-line in the world and the longest in Europe (see velocity below).

Then there's the Titan which is the longest zip-zone in Europe.

Not forgetting the Caverns, which is zip lining in underground Caverns, how cool this that!

All of these activities can be booked on our website, go and take a look.


The longest zip wire in Europe and the FASTEST in the world - how cool is that! You'll be lying down for this one and as you'll reach speeds of over 100mph, there's only one thing you'll be shouting - SUPERMAN!!!

2 People go down at oneYou can re…

What To Do On A Stag Do

Before you trundle off to the stag do section of the DesignaVenture website where you will find bucket loads of activity ideas and packages I have put together a little list together below on What To Do On A Stag Do.

Just bear in mind that the last thing you want on the stag weekend are the guys bored out of their tiny minds.

You also don't need 15 drunken men by 4pm wandering the streets and making a menace of themselves, no establishment in their right minds will not let you in, so it's early to bed then!

Organise something for the day which will keep the boys happy, contented and create a memory of the stag do the groom will cherish.

Activities don't have to be adventurous, you can go; Horse Racing, Cider Tasting around Herefordshire, Whisky Tasting in Edinburgh, Casino, watch a premiership football match, Beer Bike Tours the list is endless.

However if it's adventurous stag activities you're after then Rage Buggy Racing, Quad Biking, Canyoning, Paintball, Bubb…