Monday, 15 August 2016

Stag Do Ideas For 2017

OK, OK it's only August and already we are banging on about next year however, I have been in the travel business since 1989, and know that booking early especially with a large groups is essential in order to get everything that you want, booked.

I have put together some ideas for 2017 under various descriptive headers however if none of your requirements are met, we have literally thousands of more stag do ideas which include popular packages and activities on our website, get yourselves over there and getting planning.

Horse Racing Weekends

Horse Racing at Ascot

For the stag party that doesn't want anything energetic but wants adrenalin, excitement and a right laugh.

Most popular destinations:

Reading (Ascot or Newbury)

For a full list of weekends and prices go here.

The Sun

2 Guys from a stag do jumping in the pool

Drink, girls and 24 hour partying, the Med has been a firm favourite with lads holidays since as far as I can remember, 2, 3 or more nights in the sun, it's great for the soul!

2017 destination stag do favourites include:

Magaluf (young crowd)
Costa Del Sol

The Petrol Head

Rage Buggies

Rage Buggies, Quad Bikes, Outdoor Karts, Indoor Karts, Stock Car Racing, Hovercrafts, the UK and beyond is awash with loads of activity sites offering incredible experiences for stag dos.

The UK hot spots for activity based stag weekends are:


Adrenaline Junkies

A man coasteering

Your stag loves adrenaline like he loves his soon to be wife, so what better way to celebrate his last days as a free man then to scare the living daylights out of him, get him soaked, cover him in mud and then plaster the pictures of him all over facebook - he will love it.

Top Adrenaline infused activities include:

White Water Rafting
Cliff Jumping
High Ropes

The Cookery


It sounds like a nic-name from a Cockney Gangster film "ave you met The Cookery?", anyway these days a foodie activity is becoming extremely popular whether it's a Man Vs Food scenario or where you all get to learn how to cook, whether it's over an open fire or making the perfect pizza, stag groups love to get their hands dirty and it's an ideal opportunity to sample some of the local booze.

We have loads more ideas on our website, for inspiration check out our activity page which is jammed packed full of ideas for your 2017 stag do.

Good luck.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Motorised Stag Do Ideas

Quad Bike Jumping Over a hump

Quad Biking believe it or not, is one of our top motorised activities in the UK.

Thrash your quad bike through mud, water (shallow-ish, not deep rivers obviously), flat fields, woodlands, up intense vertical hills you'll be surprised what these bikes can do!

Other activity sites offer racing around a track with humps, bumps, chicanes and straights which is equally as much fun!

Here are some quad biking packages, locations and ideas on our website.

Rage Buggy Racing

Rage Buggy Racing is another one of our top motorised stag activities.

Forget about the grass kart buggies which can't even take the skin off a rice pudding, these Rage Buggies can reach the crazy speeds of 58 mph, and the acceleration....oh the acceleration, it's pretty special, it shoves you into your bucket seat and gets you out of any corner.

Hovercraft racing on water

Hovercrafts are noisy, fast and furious, ticking every list item on what a motorised activity should be.

Racing on a curtain of air with a giant what only can be described as a fan, propelling you forward as you try and take on a course and compete against your mates.

Indoor Karting at night

Indoor Karting is a great racing activity for groups, as most if not all of you can race on the track at once.

Most indoor karting sites these days are fully computerised giving you and your mates stats and read outs of fastest laps, all your lap times and the overall winner. Some tracks now have got fully electric karts so there's no noise from the petrol engines just screeching tyres however, these karts have a better acceleration then their petrol engine counter parts.

Jet Ski lifting out of the water

Jet Skiing these water bikes are wild!

Whether you're exploring the Cornish rugged coastline and caves or darting around an inland lake Jet skis are an amazing amount of fun.  I am not sure how many knots they go but when you're shooting across the water and hitting waves at full pelt there is nothing like it!

Outdoor Race Karts

Outdoor Karting like indoor karting is another brilliant motorised activity ideals for stags.

Most sites have fly overs and once you have fully mastered the racing line, the break pedal becomes almost redundant, and if you've got that racing skill maybe taking it up as a sport is next? Lewis Hamilton had to start somewhere, all be it, a lot younger than you!

Stock Car Racing

Stock Car Racing the stag activity for groups with plenty of Dollar!

There's something about racing around an oval shaped track in a fully prepared motor. This activity can only be described as motorised mayhem, and if you don't get black grease all over your face and have a huge hot dog for lunch you haven't done this unique motorised stag activity properly!

Good luck!

Thursday, 21 July 2016


I Heart UK
It's official Beer is now become more expensive in Europe, since the UK has voted Brexit our currency has taken a Pounding, pardon the pun.

Before referendum €1.30 - €1.40 to the £1
Now it's €1.19 to the £1

Easyjet has just announced that it has seen it's cost increase in 4 weeks by £40m - now they are going to have to recoup these costs back from somewhere, and that will be on your fares in the next couple of years.

My advice for your next stag do is to Go British, stay on this amazing Island and party like it's 1999.

I don't mean dance to the Vengaboys, wear your unbuttoned shirt over a skate boarders t-shirt whilst drinking "Sex On The Beach", I mean explore this amazing land we call home, take in cities, compete in adrenalin fuelled activities and enjoy hanging out with your buddies.

Why celebrate your stag do in the UK?

A money pot marked with stag party on it
First of all arranging a stag do in the UK is better for your wallet, this will help to attract more people onto the weekend as the price will be much lower than going abroad, making it more affordable for most.

If you have a big family and need to invite some the male members, if your stag do is in the UK it will be far easier for fathers and uncles to duck in and out of the weekend as and when they please.

There are loads of cities in the UK which are stag and hen friendly, in fact many of these cities' nightlife venues live for this trade, creating loads of offers including booths, drink and VIP packages and private hire.

Just outside many of these cities are impressive, professional activity sites offering shooting, racing and adrenalin based stag activities which most stag groups want to add to their 'do' creating a memorable weekend.

You can even twin centre your stag do, stay in one city one night and travel to another city for the next night, for example; Bristol and Bournemouth, Nottingham and Sheffield or even Edinburgh and Newcastle.

If you want somewhere off the beaten track, North Wales, The Lakes and The Highlands of Scotland (to name but a few) will give you that wilderness you are looking for, also, providing you with loads to do. Again, activity sites which are busy midweek with corporate business are available for you and your mates to go white water rafting, canyoning, cliff jumping, exploring, mountain biking there is simple loads to do.

How about world class horse Racing events, such as Royal Ascot, The Grand National, The Gold Cup, these events make both a fantastic venue for a stag do plus, give the stag memories he deserves.

Accommodation in the UK is both varied and plentiful, from hiring out huge country houses to staying in a wooden lodges, Tipis or tents, alternatively go luxurious and book a city centre 4 to 5 star hotel.

Lap Dancer On Sofa
Then you have the nightlife, stag destinations such as Bournemouth, Bristol, Nottingham, Newcastle, Edinburgh or Newquay are simply buzzing on the weekend, full of fantastic bars, clubs and gentleman establishments, I am talking about Lap Dancing clubs of course.

For example, hiring a booth in Bournemouth in one of it's incredible clubs with a drinks package and entry will only cost you around £15 - £20 per person depending on your party size and which drinks package you go for.

What about the weather?

OK, you've got me.... who cares about the bleeding weather, it was 32℃ yesterday.

Good luck