Monday, 27 February 2017

Top 10 Stag Do Activities

When booking a stag do, it's essential these days, to consider how to keep the troops entertained.

Drinking most of the day may not be everyones idea of fun and by 4 - 5 pm it's going to be pretty messy, trust me I have been on these types of stag dos and they are as memorable as a wet weekend with your cousin Wendy, or Windy as she's known as to most of her friends.

So in other words you need to keep the boys out the bars and doing something which will push them to the limit, make them laugh/cry/smile - whatever you or the stag fancy inflicting.

From a straw pole we did with last week's stag bookings, 91% of best-men considered the stag's interests or choices when booking a stag do activity, that's food for thought when considering what to book.

So let's take a look at the top 10 stag activities being booked for 2017 and in no particular order:

Rebel Buggy kicking up dirt
Rage Buggies

By far the most requested stag activity, Rage Buggies are extreme in every way. These machines have been capped at 58mph and are built to stick to your dirt track like spider man sticks to sky scrapers, they also sound amazing. If you don't smile whilst racing these beasts, you are dead inside.

Similar karts to the Rage Buggies are the Rebel Buggies made by Walker Adams, just as fast and have great handling it would be hard to pick between the two.

White Water Raft launching into the sky
White Water Rafting

In my mind the perfect Saturday morning stag do activity, especially after the Friday night, when you weren't suppose to have a heavy night, we've all been there.

Whether you decide to go man-made (Nottingham or Cardiff) or natural; North Wales, Edinburgh, Europe and beyond you have just booked yourself the best hangover cure this side of the Co-Codamol factory, well done you.

Quad bike getting air
Quad Biking
Quad bikes also know as ATV's (all terrain vehicles) can almost take on any terrain, I'm not sure about sheer cliff faces, but all other than that on any other terrain they are pretty handy.

One of our most popular quad biking sites is North Wales / Shropshire borders where you can take on some pretty steep inclines before viewing 7 counties from a flat plateau, the perfect time for some stag do snaps.

Quad biking is a fantastic stag do experience, racing or trekking quads are incredible vehicles to drive / ride and they are so easy to drive, with pretty much all of our sites offer quad bikes with automatic gears.

Bubble Football Stag Group
Bubble Football

If the stag eat/sleeps football, then Bubble Football is a must.

Stick on your bubble suit and a learn a different style of football which includes; fouling, umm... fouling and yes fouling. This is great fun and a very memorable couple of hours, also great value for money.

AK 47 Shooting

What's a stag do without doing something completely crazy? So, stick your AK47 into automatic and shoot up a target like a crazy wartime hero, the only difference is you won't be shot at, which is damn lucky!

You'll need to be in popular stag do destinations such as Prague, Riga, Budapest or Bratislava to enjoy this amazing activity.

Man Hanging off a rope whilst Canyoning

Sneak behind waterfalls, jump off 60 foot ledges, explore caves and traverse rocks, no this isn't SAS selection, these are the activities you can do whilst Canyoning also known as Gorge Walking.

Canyoning is an exciting activity and buckets of fun with the boys with stories of pure heroism you can take with you to the pub and brag to the stripper about!

Paintball player getting shot at

OK, this is old hat, a cliche, and also an activity the stag can sometimes dread, however, Paintball has had some resurgence this year with lots of parties opting for this incredibly popular activity.

If you feel like letting loose and running around dodging bullets, ambushing your mates with a load of bullets, smoke bombs and paint grenades, Paintball is your stag do activity of choice.

It's also great value for money and only get's expensive if you have a trigger happy finger, you can expect to pay anything from £4 - £8 per 100 rounds. If you want loads of bullets club together with the lads and buy in bulk, as most places will offer you a discount on boxes of 1,000+.

Horse Racing
Horse Racing

Every year more and more hen and stag groups book a horse racing weekend. C-mon what's not to like, a load of horses running at break neck speed, the excitement of gambling a tenner on a horse you've never seen before and an atmosphere so good you would brush your teeth with it.

With great facilities at the race course, transport to and from the race track and a good standard of hotel a DesignaVenture Horse Racing Weekend is a winning stag do choice.

Man with white rimmed sunglasses surrounded by happy people

Bar & Club Passes

This is more of a necessity than a popular choice, however saying that, these days, with almost 70% of the stag groups we book tend to include at least a night-club entry. Most groups also include entry into a load of bars as there is nothing worse than being all dressed up and no where to go!

Talking about being all dressed up and no where to go, if you tend to get dressed up in fancy dress then please let us know and we will make sure that either the club is aware of your costumes OR we won't book you into the club that will turn you away just because of the way toy look.

Football dropping into a footgolf hole

Which game combines football and golf? "Umm golf-foot?"

No you plonker, footgolf, it's in the header!

Anyway, like Golf, you have to tee off and get the football in a hole on the green, obviously enlarged for a football, otherwise you'd have to puncture the ball.

It's great value for money and a real hit this year.

I'd like to see what a golf-foot looks like though.

Whatever you choose to do, for a memorable stag night, weekend, keep the boys out the bars!

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Good luck!


Tuesday, 31 January 2017

10 Tips On Surviving A Stag Do

Surviving a stag, well that's easy isn't it; paracetamol, toothbrush and a spare pair of cacks... what else do you need?

OK, OK, it isn't the 1970s, we have become a little more civilised, haven't we?

There are a few fast rules and pointers everyone can take onboard whilst arranging, attending and coming back off a stag.

These are 10 survival tips for all best men and stag do organisers out there:

Survival Tip 1
When arranging a stag do, firstly I recommend you use a company who can take all the stress and strain out of the process.

For example my company DesignaVenture; not only arrange all the venues, hotels, activities etc. we also have a website where you can view your booking and invite people to pay individually, you can also see who's paid and who needs chasing.

You then get a pack electronically, so you can forward it to all the boys (if you want to) giving them all the info they need, saving you the time of having to answer all the questions under the sun and mothering them on the stag weekend.

Survival Tip 2
Don't book anything the future bride may have an issue with, if you do decide there are a few things on the stag do that she might give you or the stag grief, keep these, "lets call them activities" on a need to know basis, you don't even need to tell the stag, and possibly, you won't anyway.

Which activities will the bride not like? Well Lap Dancing or Strippers to start off with, DesignaVenture have an activity called stag arrest, she may have a turn about this activity! Even dangerous activities such as sky diving or bungee jumping, it really depends on how nervous she is about her future husband going on a stag do.

Survival Tip 3
If you are booking the stag do, do not pay for anyone who you don't know or trust, being out of pocket to show your allegiance to your best mate shows stupidity not how much you love him.

Survival Tip 4
Use social media (private pages) to get the message across, set up a WhatsApp group or anything you can share instructions, directions, itineraries etc. The more information you can get the to the guys before you go the better, you don't want them turning up at a Hilton in Bournemouth when it's a Hilton in Bristol!

Survival Tip 5
Don't let the boys peak to soon, so book an activity to keep them out the pubs. I have been on stags with and without daytime activities and even though the ones without activities are good fun, most of the group fell apart by 7pm, leaving the stag an uneventful night. So book an activity for the daytime and drinkies for the night time, it makes sense.

Survival Tip 6
When you checked into your hotel (especially when abroad), take a hotel card, that way when you're worst for wear and you want to get back to your bed, get in a taxi, and show him the card.

Survival Tip 7
Organise a stag kitty as soon as the group is together, that way you'll eliminate any round issues, i.e. people moaning because tight Terry hasn't put his hand in his pocket all weekend.

Survival Tip 8
Most stag parties hit the town or city centre on every night they are away. Now just imagine door security watching your group of 15 lads turn up at their premises, a fair won't let you in. This is why it is imperative that you pre book tickets into nightclubs and bars. You don't want to be all dressed up and no where to go.

Survival Tip 9
Talking of getting all dressed up, if you intend to get into fancy dress make sure the venues you are booked in to (as you listened to my Survival Tip 8) allow fancy dress. You don't want to be spending your hard earned cash on a fancy dress outfit you have to change out of at the beginning of the night.

Survival Tip 10
What goes on tour, stays on tour, simple.

Good luck.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Stag Do Ideas By Month

Stag dos can take place all year round, over Christmas Day however, is usually frowned upon! All the other weekends are open season, ready to go.

However some activities are much better at certain times of the year, so to prove this I have put together some stag do ideas for each month and the reasoning behind my theories.

January - Paintball

OK, you've just had Christmas and you're feeling the pinch, I'm talking about your wallet as well as your waist. So there's no better activity to get you running around for less than £20 than Paintball.

OK, so you'll need to buy some paintballs when you're there but their cheap as chips these days, so while your there get a paint and smoke bomb and cover everyone with a paint grenade, the SAS have nothing on you.

February - Quad Biking

February is when the weather chucks everything at us, rain, sleet, snow, ice, frost.. You name it we get it, however there is one vehicle which can tackle any type of terrain and come to think about any type of weather and that's a Quad Bike.

The best time on a quad bike is when you get covered in mud and the bike is almost out of control - you just can't beat it!

March - Clay Pigeon Shooting

There's something about early spring and Clay Pigeon Shooting. Arrive for a bacon sandwich, a hot coffee and a hip flask full of Whisky, then get started shooting some birds (obviously birds made of clay).

HOT TOP: Follow the clay with your eyes rather than the gun and allow yourself to aim and shoot naturally, prove you're a hot shot and not Mr Magoo.

April - White Water Rafting

Spring brings April showers and gushing rivers, rivers that froth up like a Cappuccino in Starbucks. Spring is definitely the time to go White Water Rafting.

White water rivers are measured out of 5, 1 = tame and 5 = waterfalls, most white water rivers we deal with in the UK in April are usually around the 3 which is pretty awesome - see video below of white water rafting in North Wales. Also includes Canyoning which is next month's recommendation.

May - Canyoning

Canyoning  is best when the gorges are not too full or have too little water, you can go all year round however May in my mind is the best month.

In May the weather has warmed up, and gorges have just the right amount of water in them so you can do all the jumps, explore the caves, walk behind waterfalls and generally have a fantastic time - I suppose it's the Goldilocks month for Canyoning!

June - Rage Buggies

Generally most Rage Buggy tracks don't run in November to February as the tracks tend to be too muddy, however there is a track in North Wales which runs all year round as they have designed and built an incredible hardcore surface.

However to get the best out of these beasts I think you need a nice dry dusty track perfect for tiny bits of understeer and oversteer before it grips up and throws you around the corners.

June - Horse Racing

June is the only month I've recommended two activities and the second is Horse Racing and not just at any race course - I am proposing Ascot. One of the biggest events on the Racing calendar is Royal Ascot and if you get the chance to go - do it! The atmosphere is immense and with your stag do mates even better!!

July - Coasteering

Fill your day up with some Coasteering, the sea is generally behaving itself in July and there are some perfect 60 foot ledges to jump off into deep clear blue rock pools.

Remember, the seaside is the perfect destination for your stag do in July, blue skies and usually warmer weather. Then there's the nightlife at our busy seaside destinations, in the summer Bournemouth and Newquay rock at night!

August - Outdoor Race Karts

I think August is the best time to go racing on slick tyres, with some outdoor karts boasting two engines you are bound to get in the mood for the Formula 1 season which restarts at the end of August after the short summer break.

August is generally drier and not as hot as July so wearing racing suits and helmets won't be too much bother.

September - Bubble Football

Just in time for the football season which starts mid August, Bubble Football will get you warmed up for the long season a head. It get's quite hot inside those Bubbles suits so September will be better month than 'flaming' June.

If you've never played Bubble Football before, a stag do is the best time to have a go, and remember fouling is part of the game!

October - Surfing

Head down to one of the best places in the world to surf (which is Newquay / Cornwall by the way) and in October you'll get the big swells whilst the water is still warm (ish) from the summer.

You'll also find the roads a lot quieter then they were in the summer months.

November - Indoor Karting

By November once the nights have drawn in you will need an indoor activity and the perfect activity for a stag do is Indoor Karting. You get the excitement and thrills of any outdoor activity however you don't have to rely on good weather or daylight.

Usually he whole stag group will be on track at the same time however this does depend on your group's size.

December - Beer, Cider or Whiskey Tasting

It goes without saying December and drinking goes hand in hand, like Dick and Dom, Christmas Pudding and Brandy Sauce and Vodka Redbull (ouch that last one still makes my head ache). Beer / Cider or Whiskey Tasting is a fantastic stag activity, the activity usually comes with copious amounts of samples and tasting plus you'll get fed!

Which ever stag activity you choose, enjoy it!

Good luck