Thursday, 17 April 2014

Unusual Stag Do Ideas

So you have set your mind on some unusual stag do ideas, out the window goes paintball and in comes... Well look no further people I have put together a little list on unusual stag do ideas for you to get your teeth into.

Talking about getting your teeth into something how about going on a cookery day, whether it's making a Ruby Murray (curry), BBQ - ing, Pizza Making or fine dining, if your stag loves his food this would be an exceptional stag do idea.

The Beer Bike, only available in European cities such as Berlin and Amsterdam this activity is more unusual then a fish riding a bicycle.

Sit at a bar with pedals and tour your chosen city with a beer in your hand and a sober driver steering your bike safely, awesome!

Bubble football is booking up like crazy this year, however it's new and unusual for 2014. As 2014 is the year of the World Cup, treat your stag party to a football match with a difference - wearing sorb suits making it almost impossible to tackle, without bouncing off each other, brilliant!

Scare the living daylights out of the stag and take him on a Zombie Bootcamp, you will kitted out with clothing and weapons before taking on real life Zombies, shooting them with paintballs until they stop biting, an incredible activity the whole group will love.

I may have told a little white lie about the real zombies bit, but they look so real, you can still shoot them!

Dragon Boat racing in Milton Keynes is like going ski-ing in Milton Keynes, well actually you can do both, and Milton Keynes is my unusual destination for stag do ideas.

From Dragon Boat racing, ski-ing, snowboarding or tobogganing (on real snow, indoors obviously) to indoor sky diving and spy missions, Milton Keynes is a fantastic stag destination for unusually stag activities.

You can even stay in a 4* hotel overlooking the MK Dons football pitch!

My unusual stag do package is our very own Bathtubs, Boats & Bananas in Reading, a package with an activity so unusual you could dress it up in a Gorilla suit and call it Ernie.

First of all, you race bathtubs that have been motorised, that's right people motorised, and you race them round a track, freaking amazing. Then you make a boat out of cardboard and then race your cardboard vessel across a lake and then you ride an inflatable banana pulled by a speedboat - just weirdly unusual but loads of fun.

You also have a night in a 4 star hotel with breakfast and entry into a cracking nightclub all for under a £100pp*.

*Correct at time of publishing this post.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Bristol Stag Activities

Clifton Suspension Bridge
Whether you're a petrol head, like competitive shooting or love the taste of cider, Bristol has more stag activities then you can shoot a paintball at.

So let's delve a little deeper and see what Bristol has to offer, lets scratch a little and see what's below the surface, let's smack the... alright enough of the clich├ęs, but I do wonder where that last one was going!

Let's start with the stag activities for the petrol heads. Bristol has one of the biggest activity sites in the UK offering loads of stag activities including some amazing machine based events which will keep even the biggest motorhead happy.

From Rage Buggies and Quad Bike Racing to Supacats and Blindfold Driving, where else would you find such fantastic boys toys to play with on a weekend. Couple them with some shooting activities and you have yourself a memorable day out.

Choose between Crossbow, Assault Rifle Shooting, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Clay Archery and even the old faithful paintball, this site is a non stop, one stop....... shop for stag activities.

Banksys Art
If you would prefer something other than shooting or racing how about competing in your very own West Country Games. This tongue-in-cheek humorous activity will have you laughing your stag t-shirts off with events such as Welly Wanging, Pitchfork Dual and Handbags at Dawn, you will have a whale of a time.

Moving on to something completely different and more Bristol orientated, get your taste buds around a glass or two of cider with your very own Cider Tasting event. Get taught about the delicate tastes of this awesome apple based booze. This isn't about a bottle of White Lightning behind the snooker halls this is about tasting and drinking some decent cider.

Moving back to racing have you ever tried Minimotos? They are small motor bikes ready for racing around a tarmac track, you'll look like a hippo on a push bike, but who cares they are loads of fun.

With the world cup around the corner have you thought about getting your boys on the pitch for some Bubble Football or Zorb Football. Available in the centre of Bristol, this unique football activity will give your world cup themed weekend substance.

Bristol is only 45 minutes from South Wales making it a great base for Canyoning, get yourselves over the Bridge and take on the Gorge, wet suits and all specialised equipment is included so all you have to do is turn up and have some adrenalin based fun.

If you just fancy taking it easy whilst having a liquid lunch book yourselves onto a party city cruise along the canal, stopping off at the waterside for a few drinkies, life doesn't get any better than this!

For a huge selection of stag do ideas and packages in Bristol and for details on the above stag activities click here.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Top 10 Stag Do Movies Of All Time

Round red circle with black outline with 18 in white centred

Stag Do movies are really on the up, over the years this fantastic life experience (your stag do / bachelor party) has also become a must see movie.

Here at the DesignaVenture towers we have raided our DVD collections and VHS tapes and watched as many stag do themed films as possible to rate them in our very own special Top 10 stag do movie compilation.

So which stag do movies have received the DesignaVenture Movie Gongs:

At 10….

Ladies on a sand bank with fake guns
Bachelor Party Vegas (2006 - IMDb rating 4.7/10)
Possibly the start of the modern stag do comedy movie where the stars pack their bags and head to Vegas for a weekend to remember, or forget! This funny film also includes lots of naked ladies and even Paintball guns, how very apt.

At 9….

Stag Night (2008 - IMDb rating 4.9/10)
This is definitely not light hearted or a comedy in any way, a stag party takes the New York underground and gets off at the wrong haunted station, "STAY ON THE TRAIN!". A thriller which will put you off having a stag do in New York.

At 8….

4 Zombies looking gruesome
Stag Night of the Dead (2010 - IMDb rating 3.2/10)
No doubt, this very British stag night comedy will make you laugh, the stag group finds out about a top secret military compound with 1 million zombies to obliterate with huge stun guns, what an activity - hang on, we do something like this called the Zombie Experience - we wondered where that idea came from!

At 7….

Very Bad Things (1998 - IMDb rating 6.3/10)
Starring Christian Slater and Cameron Diaz, this is a black comedy about the old saying, "what goes on tour, stays on tour" (swap tour with vegas, and you get the gist). A prostitute dies on the stag do which creates a whole world of problems, good film.

At 6….

Sideways (2004 - IMDb rating 7.6/10)
An Oscar winning movie about two guys going on a midweek wine tasting road trip around Southern California to celebrate a stag do. A pretty intense movie with some cringe worthy moments - we liked it, didn't make us laugh out loud however it made us chuckle and wow these guys know their wine.

At 5….

Bachelor Party (1984 - IMDb rating 6.2/10)
One of the best lines we have heard in ages "let's have a bachelor party, with chicks, and guns, and fire trucks and hookers". A very silly film which made us all laugh. It's totally worth taking a trip back to the eighties for this silly and hilarious film which not only covers the stag night but also the hen party too.

Remember Porky's? Bachelor Party is much better.

At 4….

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada Sign
Last Vegas (2013 - IMDb rating 6.7/10)
A great film with some fantastic actors - Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman and Kelvin Kline. A legendary stag do movie about a load of old men partying in the Mecca stag do destination, VEGAS - some great one liners.

At 3….

American Wedding (2003 - IMDb rating 6.2/10)
Jim and Michelle from the cult film American Pie get married, but before the wedding there's the bachelor party, so Jim invites all his old buddies from school creating a must see, extremely funny stag do film.

At 2….

The Stag (2013 - IMDb rating 7.2/10)
An extremely funny Irish stag do movie, with loads of laugh out loud moments, very British we thought, even though it's written by two Irish fellas, well, we do breathe the same air. Totally worth watching and then arranging your stag do after, in fact invite The Machine!

At Number 1….

The Hangover (2009 - IMDb rating 7.8/10)
It has to be...

An extremely funny, modern, original and surreal film, which had us gripped from the opening scenes.

A great cast which even includes Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and a cameo role from Mike Tyson. Set in the only place the Americans will hold their bachelor Parties - and that's Las Vegas.

Extremely funny, an unbelievable script and great acting, some people just can't handle Vegas.