Stag Do - 10 Popular Questions Answered

A British stag group dressed up as Italian Gondoliers

First-time best men and grooms around the UK will need to understand the basic principles of organising a stag do, so we have put together a quick 10 questions and answers.

What is a stag do and why is it popular in the UK?

If you live on the moon, this question is for you! A stag do is a pre-wedding celebration for the groom and his friends. It's a time to bond, have fun and create lasting memories before the wedding. The tradition is popular in the UK as a way to mark the end of bachelorhood.

Where are the most popular destinations for a stag do in the UK?

Explore the top destinations for stag dos in the UK, such as cities like Bristol, London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Nottingham and popular rural retreats such as North Wales. Learn about the unique group activities in each location before choosing where to hold the stag weekend.

What are some classic stag do activities in the UK?

Discover traditional stag do activities like paintballing, go-karting, meals out and pub crawls. Other adventure sports like surfing, white water rafting and canyoning are also sought after. Plus fun game-type activities like footgolf, bubble football and escape rooms. 

How do I plan a budget-friendly stag do in the UK?

First and foremost read lots of blog posts that give tips and advice on planning a cost-effective stag do, such as:

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When searching accommodation options, transportation and budget-friendly activity ideas - you can’t go wrong by checking out the DesignaVenture Build Your Own Stag Do tool, it’s free and easy to use.

Are there any stag do etiquette rules I should be aware of?

Yes there definitely are. We put together a 101 Guide To Arranging The Ultimate Stag Do - learn about the do's and don'ts of stag do etiquette, including how to involve the groom in the planning process and ensuring that all attendees have a great time.

What are some alternative stag do ideas for those looking for something different?

Discover a world of opportunities if you are looking for something to do which is completely against the norm. Remember you have Google, where you can pretty much search anything out. To whet your whistle: a road trip down to the South of France and back, walk Offas Dyke and camp under the stars, run the gauntlet of the Bull Run in Spain, learn pottery over a weekend - the list is endless....

Should I plan a stag do weekend with both day and night activities?

Strike a balance between day and night activities, ensuring a well-rounded stag do experience that caters to different interests within the group - budget will also play a factor on this.

How can I make the stag do memorable with personalised touches?

Be creative to personalise the stag do experience, such as customised merchandise, stag do pranks, or surprise elements that will make the groom happy. One thing best men should always do is to get a picture of the whole group and then frame it for the stag, he will treasure it forever!

What are some tips for handling unexpected challenges during a stag do?

Prepare for the unexpected such as common challenges that may arise during a stag do, such as weather changes, last-minute cancellations, or logistical issues. Always have a plan B.

Whatever you get up to, have a good one.



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