10 Reasons Why Paintball Is Such A Great Stag Activity

Ever since stag nights became stag weekends, paintball has always been a big player in offering a solution to the age old question; "right what should we do on our stag do then"?

Well, I have compiled 10 reasons why paintball is still an unbeatable activity:
  1. It's a team sport so everyone in your stag party is playing at the same time, no hanging around until it's your go, unless you get shot!!
  2. Paintball is a relatively cheap stag activity, most stag destinations offer full and half day packages from £16 per person.
  3. The price includes all specialised equipment and protective clothing and most locations include your first 100 shots.
  4. Gram for Gram a full on game of paintball will pump more adrenalin round your body compared to other stag activities.  
  5. Paintball is more then just aiming and shooting, good tactics and leadership will improve your team's chances of winning. 
  6. There are now loads of indoor venues popping up around the country, creating extremely exciting urban combat scenarios. 
  7. You can usually book Paintball indoor or outdoor at most popular stag destinations throughout the UK and Europe. 
  8. It doesn't hurt that much, and if it does you shouldn't be on a stag do. 
  9. You will be shooting other stag parties or teams, what's there not to like? 
  10. The buzz at the end of the games is immense and beats any Xbox or Playstation game hands down.
So Paintball is the real thing and should be on your stag activity short list next time you need to book a stag do.

Paintball Tips
  • Always have your gun raised and ready to shoot
  • Stick to the Flanks as there then will be on one side for people to shoot you from
  • Wear strong walking boots as most paintball locations are played in wood on uneven ground
  • You are not Andy McNab, so be aware of your limitations.
  • If you fancy a huge adrenalin rush, be your team's decoy and run straight into your opponents camp shooting as many bullets as you can. You will inevitably get pummelled but boy what a rush! 


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