Get Some Indoor Action

In the current climate, and I am not talking about the credit crunch for a change but the disastrous summer currently experienced on these great shores, maybe it’s time to head indoor for your stag activities.
There can’t be too many adrenaline fueled activities available indoors to do on your stag do, can there?
Well actually no, there currently isn’t a list as long as my arm in fact I could possible count them all on one hand however if you don’t mind getting wet and muddy then you should head outdoors for frothing white water rafting, thrashing around on quad bikes or getting caked in mud whilst racing Rage Buggies.
If you would prefer to stay indoors on your stag do then how about some indoor karting?
It’s actually loads of fun and these karts can hit some serious speeds! The racing is similar to a grand prix and you will get loads of driving in whilst keeping nice and dry and without the inconvenience of having to pick mud out of your teeth.
If you would prefer a shooting activity and get your semi out every time Paintball is mentioned (semi automatic weapon if you're confused) then try out some Urban Paintball.
With sites popping up all round the UK, this close quarter combat is full of excitement and adrenalin and is all under one roof.
5 a side football might not be your idea of fun but for some stags love indoor football and whilst there is enough people for 2 teams, get on it.
Other indoor stag activities include Whisky Distillery Tours, Brewery Tours and Cider tasting whilst on a stag weekend inBristol.
If it was me I would get out into the woods and enjoy some full on stag activities and stick two fingers up to the weather, well you can't blame me I am stuck in an office Monday to Friday, and after all - it’s the clothing, not the weather.


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