Ideas For Your Stag Do In February 2018

February isn't known as a busy stag do month however, if your bride 'n' groom are getting married near Valentine's day or in March (Spring weddings are quite popular you know) then February is usually the month of choice.

Let's face it, January is just too damn dark, and you and the boys are going to be skint after Christmas, so February is a top idea.

"But where are all these stag do groups going, and what will they be getting up to?" I hear you ask.

Well thanks for being so inquisitive, I am just getting to that...

UK or Abroad?

Unless you're planning on travelling on a plane to the Canaries or flying 5+ hours (which isn't going to be cheap), the chance of getting some guaranteed sunshine is minimal.

So a city break in Europe it is, Prague, Riga, Hamburg, Berlin are all great choices and will keep the stag group happy however will the budget allow?

In my mind, for a fantastic stag do destination abroad with a budget busting price; Riga is a great idea.

We offer 2 night packages in Riga (without flights) from £44 per person, with flights around the £175 per person depending on the flight price.

Riga winter activities...

Riga also offers some incredible unique winter themed stag activities such as Bob Sleighing (on an Olympic Ice track) and Snowmobile Safari and if that doesn't do it for you, the nightlife will!

However, if you need to keep the price low, then the UK has to be your chosen destination (especially when you're wallet is still recovering from Christmas!).

UK Stag Do Ideas For February

For the brave....

In 2017 not unlike any other year, we ask our stag do groups why they've booked White Water Rafting, Canyoning or Coasteering for February?

Unanimously the answer is because we want an activity for real men!

In February these activities will make your eyes pop out of your head, your plums disappear, all the breathe in your lungs exhale however, they will make you a real man.

Any of the above water based stag activities are going to be tough however they'e also going to be loads of fun and you will have some stories to tell in the pub later on, they might even make the Best Man's speech.

You'll be provided with proper wet suits so the cold water feeling won't last for too long.

Keep it indoor...

From indoor karting, bubble football and paintball to beer tasting, cider tours, escape room and life drawing all of these activities have one thing in common, they can be done indoors.

So if the weather is an absolute nightmare outside, you're guaranteed a fantastic time with your activity inside.

It barely snows in the UK however we do get the rain which can sometimes cancel an activity so booking an activity for February indoors isn't a bad shout.

Activities which aren't usually available

Rage buggies, or dirt buggies generally in most locations will not be running until March however check with us or the company first as some sites such as our North Wales site which has a hard core track run all year round.

The games type of activities such as It's a knockout, Totally Wiped Out or West Country Games aren't usually available until March.

Busy nightlife...

The great thing about the UK, most Saturday nights in most towns and cities are going to be buzzing no matter which destination you choose, so if your looking for buzzing nightlife make Bristol, Manchester (watch out for Man Utd games), Sheffield, Cardiff, Bournemouth, Edinburgh or Nottingham your chosen stag do destination.

No matter what you do, choose DesignaVenture to help you organise a killer stag do, why? It's simple, we'll look after you, check out our reviews on Trustpilot for peace of mind.

Good luck



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