Stag Party Ideas Under Lockdown

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The crazy times we are currently living under can only be described as unprecedented, never seen before and historical. Your children or grandchildren will be opened mouthed when you tell them that you couldn't even go to the pub!

So if you are in need of a stag do in lockdown here are some cracking ideas. By the way, this shouldn't replace your physical stag do because at the end quarantining, you will be in desperate need of some socialising.

Stag Do Under Lockdown - How to Prepare

First and foremost you will need video calling software, which will work across lots of different platforms and devices, such as Apple, Android, Windows etc.

If you are all on Apple I would highly recommend FaceTime for ease of use and quality of calls.

If your group is on multiple devices then Zoom* is a great option. There are others such as; Houseparty, Discord, Messenger etc.

There are some time restraints on Zoom if you have the free version on your desktop, so set up the zoom meeting on your mobile, as I then think there is no time restraints.

So once you have decided on the software, you will need:
  • A private dark and lockable room with Wifi / Internet Access
  • A portable fridge for your beers or a cool bag with lots of Ice packs to keep your drinks cold 
  • Beer (optional)
  • Games (see below)
  • Entertainment (see below)

Bucket of cold Corona Beer

Stag Do Party Games Under Lockdown

There are lots of drinking games you could play whilst under lockdown here are a number of stag party games we offer which can easily be manipulated to fit the lockdown parameters.

Games should be visual, funny and above all keep everyone entertained.

If someone in your stag party has a Roulette Table and doesn't mind being the croupier, jobs a good-un! Bet with real or dummy pennies.

Roulette Wheel

Pub Quiz
Make it really themed with questions on the stag.

Who knows him best? Does the stag know himself better than anyone else?

The Best man can be the quiz master and everyone else the contestants. You can even mix it up with a drinking game, so if you get a question wrong you have to drink a said amount of drink!

You will need some bingo stuff (available on Amazon or Ebay) - the excitement of Bingo is underrated!

In For A Penny
You've hopefully seen the TV show with Stephen Mulhern now play the games. The stop watch game, the price of shopping game but I do feel you need to leave the eating the pasty with no hands for another day, but then again it's very visual.


If you are looking for your very own comedy performance you could always pay for professional comedian to perform. I am sure there are hundreds out there who are dying to perform but just can't!

There are quite a few website out there that will let you book a comedian, Google it!

Virtual Striptease
Like a painter and decorator, no stag do should be without a stripper.

I'm sure there are hundreds of out of work lap dancers willing to be paid to do a cheeky performance online.

Lady holding the back of her bottom

TOP TIP: Only use reputable websites or word of mouth businesses. That way you won't get stung. And if anyone asks, it wasn't my idea!

DJ Set
If all you guys love a rave, pay or get an online DJ to perform a set, get out your whistles and reflective jackets, it's the 90s people!

Good luck with it all and like I said, this should replace your physical stag do, by the end of this lockdown, it's party time!



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