Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Stag Do Questions For The Groom

4 pints of beer touching
Your best mate (the groom, remember?) has asked you to be his best man and the single most important job is obviously the stag do, am I right?

Cool, but hang on, you don't know how to arrange your washing let alone arranging 20 of the groom's best mates on a stag do to end all stag dos.

Well don't worry, help is on hand, apart from the numerous helpful posts found on this blog I have put together some ideas for questions you may want to ask the groom before arranging his memorable and amazing stag do.

First things first you need to find out from the groom who he wants to come, get a list of names, mobile numbers and email addresses.

Lap Dancer smiling
You then need to know how much, your buzz word is budget, this will give you an idea what type of stag do you are arranging, is it a trip to the local boozer and kebab house or are you looking at 7 weeks in Thailand?

Then you need to know; when, this is quite tricky as everyone needs to be free on the same weekend so booking early is essential, 6 - 9 months in advance is a good time schedule.

Where on earth is this stag do going to happen? The stag may not have a very understanding wife-to-be, who doesn't want her new finance exploring the nightlife of Europe, preferring him to stay in the UK, so finding out from the stag where he wants to go instead of just booking it, is a very sensible idea. You don't want to be the cause of a break up before they walk down the aisle!

A stein of beer and some boobs
Some answers you should be able to work out yourself such as, would he prefer a full-on adventure weekend in North Wales to a weekend of partying in Magaluf?

Is there something he doesn't want to do? He may have been on other stag dos or event where he has participated in an activity or went to a certain restaurant or club that he really disliked, so find out from him what he doesn't like as this is equally as important as finding out what he does like.

If we have missed out any question you think should be included in this post drop us a note via the comments box below, and if it's printable we'll add it to this post and give you a mention and if it's really good we'll give you a discount on your stag do.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

7 Types of Stag Do

Stag dos come in many shapes and forms but with the help of insight from the DesignaVenture customer base and news stories I have managed to put down 7 popular types of stag do, enjoy....

Stag Party Canyoning
The Adventurous Stag Do

Get your bucket lists ready boys you're about to make some crosses, from jumping off 60ft cliffs to bouncing around a raft whilst white water rafting. Adventurous stag weekends have been popular since the 90's, any activity which will fill your pants are the event of choice, from Bungee jumping off bridges in Eastern Europe to coasteering in Cornwall with 20 of your mates there is no better experience.

Stag Party Dancing at Sunset
Bring Me Sunshine

"Walking on the beaches looking at the peaches", what a fantastic line to describe a stag do in a hot country, from Magaluf in Majorca to Marbella on the Costa Del Sol, there is no shortage of amazing hot lively stag do destinations to party in.

Other cities and resorts are available such as Ibiza, Albufeira (The Algarve), Barcelona, Valencia etc. depending on budget and nightlife requirements.

Stag Party drinking beer
The Drunken Stag Do

We have all been on these type of stag dos, meet in the pub at 11am and drink for as long as you can. This type of stag do can take place anywhere from a pub crawl in your home town to the old squares of Prague or Riga, they do tend to get messy, and hopefully a good laugh.

Most best men decide to include an activity or two in the day to avoid the stag group from peaking too soon which can have consequences for the evening entertainment, not getting into clubs etc.

My advice for these type of stag dos is to include loads of food to soak up the beer, I don't want to sound like a bit of a fanny but it is quite a special occasion for the stag, so keep it memorable.

Stag Dressed in Superman outfit driving a Rage Buggy
Stag Do For the Petrol Head

There are so many driving activities available throughout the UK and world wide, from racing Rage or Rebel Buggies to driving tanks, supacats or even mini motos, there are literally loads to choose from.

We have found that the old favourite, the Quad bike has had a renaissance in recent years with loads of stag groups opting for extreme trekking in destinations such as Bournemouth, North Wales and Nottingham.

Man naked at top of Kilimanjaro
A Stag Do in the Wilderness

Everyone thinks the wilderness is based on sleeping in a tent with nothing but sheep for company (whatever you're into) but it doesn't have to be, it can be a country house hotel or a rented barn or big house in the middle of nowhere, but whatever you have in mind it basically means away from nightclubs, bars and lots of other people.

Time to unwind and just have a stag weekend with the boys, get the BBQ out, drink copious amounts of beer and chill, when was the last time you did that!

Prague - Stag Do Destination
Go East

The Eastern European countries are a huge drag for stag parties wanting lively nightlife and cheap, oh so cheap, beer. Bratislava was recently voted the cheapest stag destination in the world, you can get a pint for less than a quid and most of the other popular stag destinations such as Krakow, Riga, Prague, Budapest and Tallinn are much cheaper to dink in than the UK.

Stag on cliff edge ready to abseil for charity
The Charitable Stag Do

There are stag parties out there that want to give something back to society or want to do something of Titanic proportions and get sponsored whilst doing it, it will also get the stag into the good books of his new in-laws (sneaky ah).

I have read about an endurance hike over the Brecon Beacons or driving to Benidorm in a Top Gear style challenge or a massive cycle race to France all in the name of charity. Raising money for a good cause whilst have an amazing time, everyone's a winner!