Stag Do Questions For The Groom

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Your best mate (the groom, remember?) has asked you to be his best man and the single most important job is obviously the stag do, am I right?

Cool, but hang on, you don't know how to arrange your washing let alone arranging 20 of the groom's best mates on a stag do to end all stag dos.

Well don't worry, help is on hand, apart from the numerous helpful posts found on this blog I have put together some ideas for questions you may want to ask the groom before arranging his memorable and amazing stag do.

First things first you need to find out from the groom who he wants to come, get a list of names, mobile numbers and email addresses.

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You then need to know how much, your buzz word is budget, this will give you an idea what type of stag do you are arranging, is it a trip to the local boozer and kebab house or are you looking at 7 weeks in Thailand?

Then you need to know; when, this is quite tricky as everyone needs to be free on the same weekend so booking early is essential, 6 - 9 months in advance is a good time schedule.

Where on earth is this stag do going to happen? The stag may not have a very understanding wife-to-be, who doesn't want her new finance exploring the nightlife of Europe, preferring him to stay in the UK, so finding out from the stag where he wants to go instead of just booking it, is a very sensible idea. You don't want to be the cause of a break up before they walk down the aisle!

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Some answers you should be able to work out yourself such as, would he prefer a full-on adventure weekend in North Wales to a weekend of partying in Magaluf?

Is there something he doesn't want to do? He may have been on other stag dos or event where he has participated in an activity or went to a certain restaurant or club that he really disliked, so find out from him what he doesn't like as this is equally as important as finding out what he does like.

If we have missed out any question you think should be included in this post drop us a note via the comments box below, and if it's printable we'll add it to this post and give you a mention and if it's really good we'll give you a discount on your stag do.


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