The Stag Do Snow Must Go On

You’re planning your winter stag do and wondering what the weather will be like? The biggest possibility is rain, but hey, what happens if it snows? That changes everything, unless of course you make it an integral part of your stag do activity selections.

Take bobsleighing. How many people do you know who have done that? The Baltic States are the place to go for this need for speed and the ride of your life. Riga has the only Olympic standard bobsleigh track in the Baltics and it will scare you witless as you rip around ten curves and over a bridge sin your gently padded rubber leisure ‘vuchku’ soft bob. The slick ice will have you going up to 50kmh and with four screaming stags on a bob, it will definitely tax your coordination. Wicked.

The Bratislava location is more like a mega zooped up version of your childhood sledding, in a more simplified sledge, but no less crazy down a 360 metre tubed track, or restricted on the speed front.

Too out of control for your stag party? Then take your stag do on snow mobiles instead. Staying in Riga, this snow safari in the white open wilderness will have two of you at a time with your own cool James Bond style vehicle slicing through the blanketed expanses of a fresh freeze like a jet ski on skis. 

If your teeth are chattering at the thought, then we can even shield you from the elements with an indoor snowboarding option. No less authentic, with real snow and at a constant temperature of -5C, you’ll still need to wrap up, but at least you’ll be safe from any avalanches and freak snow falls. With a beginners or advanced slope you’ll soon be adept at this cool sport after a couple of hours. There’s even an apr├Ęs ski bar where you can warm up and laugh at the others in action.

Better still, this one’s in Amsterdam – and we know where your stag night can go to get really sizzling hot later! 

Suddenly this winter doesn’t sound like it’s going to be so miserable after all. 


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