Stag Do Ideas For The Insane

Some stag do activities are just plane mad, either risky as hell, or just whacky.
Take for example an activity in Reading, which includes a Cardboard Boat Challenge and Bathtub Kart Racing. Now, it’s not really a risky stag do activity but you need to have of some sort of Top Gear disorder to book it, and stags have booked it in their droves.
Bungee Jumping / Bridge Swinging you do need to be slightly insane to attach a load of platted rubber bands around your ankles and then jump from a 150ft ledge and expect to survive. It’s a great activity for the stag, or for the whole stag party to do.
Trabant driving in Berlin is quite a sedate affair, they cannot hit any dangerous speeds however these two stroke 1950's old soviet cars are loads of fun to drive.  Drive around Berlin with your zany mates in a kind of Trabant convoy giving your stag do a little bit of class.
Police arrest will leave your poor stag insane. One scenario is a dummy police van will follow you from the airport, stop your airport shuttle check everyone’s passports and arrest the stag. He will be taken off in the police van, interrogated and then released back to his mates who will be rolling around the floor with laughter, the poor fella!! As you can imagine, this is only available in a few stag do destinations abroad.
Another activity only available abroad is the Bobsleigh, reach breakneck speeds without breaks or a steering wheel! Hurtling down an ice track like a bullet out of a gun doesn’t sound very sane to me, but again, stag parties love it!!
Zorbing, why?
And finally, as a curve ball I have thrown in the West Country Games. Is a pitchfork duel, Handbags at Dawn, Tractor try rolling, Welly Wanging and Wurzell Knockout sound something other then a farmer would do? Insane stag dos, do it in Bristol, loving every minute.
Insane stag do ideas can all be found on the DesignaVenture website.


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