Top 5 Alternative Stag Weekend Ideas

Top 5 Alternative Stag Weekend Ideas

Variety is the spice of life and when you have been paintballing 5 times this year maybe an alternative stag weekend would go down like a bottle of water in the Sahara Desert.

We have been compiling a list, not a massive list I grant you, but a great list of the top 5 alternative stag weekends, quality rather than quantity people!

Squashed Tomatoes
Get your passport, you're off to Valencia (in Spain, if you're unsure), here you are going to take part in one of the most unusual festivals known to man which basically involves the biggest food fight in the world with tons upon tons of tomatoes.

La Tomatina Festival takes place each year on the last Wednesday of August (this year is the 27th August 2014) and here is a little video to tell you all about it.

DesignaVenture's stag weekend includes 2 nights accommodation, airport transfers and transfers to the festival plus a guided bar tour with club entry.

I know I said stag weekend but it's more of a stag midweek (doesn't have the same ring to it), arriving on the Tuesday and returning on the Thursday.

Pitch Up & Canoe
This time you need your loafing shorts, get ready to paddle (I say paddle most groups float) down river in the most relaxed stag do you'll ever attend.

You will get all the necessary equipment, you just need a tent, sleeping bag and basic camping gear.

Your campsite is next door to a pub and to make things a lot more civilised you keep your tent in the same place for 2 nights paddling to the pub / campsite on the first day and then canoeing from the pub on the second. We transport you up river on  your first day and pick you up on the second, you are left to enjoy your weekend Lording it down river.

This weekend takes place on the River Wye in Herefordshire

Trabant 2 Stroke Car
Berlin Bangers
This time you are hot footing it over to Germany to create your very own convoy of Bangers.  We are not talking about sausages here but the infamous Trabant 2 stroke cars. If you're a petrol head you will know what a 2 stroke engine is, I'm not and I don't, all I know is it's an incredible experience and you will have a huge laugh.

We also include airport transfers, accommodation, bar tour and club entry along with the Trabant Driving experience.

A very alternative stag do with a bit of normal stag weekend business chucked in for good measure.

The Survival Weekend
The only birds you are going to see on this stag weekend are the ones you are going to eat!

Bear Grylls has made survival ultra cool and his current Channel 4 programme, The Island has made lots of guys sit up and take notice on how to survive.

Stags Go for free adThis weekend isn't as harsh, although you do learn how to create your own shelter and how to make a fire without modern techniques (it's called 'Friction Fire Lighting') so you will be going into married life knowing you will be able to look after your wife in the wilderness.

You will also get taught how to identify edible plants, wilderness cooking and there is chance to have a few beers around the camp fire (optional).

There are many places in the UK where you can take part in a Survival weekend however this one takes place on the South West Coast of Wales near Swansea.

Stag Weekend For Charity
Doing something hard to improve other peoples lives will possibly give you the biggest buzz of your life, especially when your wedding day speeches include heroic stories of bravery and determination.

Arrange an event which will push you to the limit so people / companies will sponsor you, then give all that money to a charity close to your heart.

On the DesignaVenture website there is a 7 day trek up Mount Kilimanjaro which is extremely gruelling and fairly expensive and should only be booked if you have a very understanding Fiancé and a group of friends who will literally go to the edge of the world for you!

However you don't need to go to such extent to do something truly amazing, climb the peaks in the UK or cycle a huge distance or even sit in a tub of baked beans for a weekend, whatever you do make sure it's memorable and you make loads of money for your chosen charity.

Then swagger down the aisle knowing your new in-laws and wife think you're a hero!


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