Stag Destinations Spotlight

Anna Makin, DesignaVenture's stag destinations guru, looks at stag do destinations that have shown longevity.

Nottingham is as in vogue as ever, ever since I have been in the stag do business Nottingham has been extremely popular with UK stag parties, whether it's because it's right in the centre of Britain and easy to get to or the story of 6 women to 1 man, Nottingham is a tried and tested stag destination.

In the early days of DesignaVenture Bristol wasn't a hotspot on the stag weekend agenda, however with our luxury 4 star packages and a few superb stag activity sites setting up we think we have assisted Bristol in become a top stag do mecca, or it could just have been the millions the city has spent on a massive face lift to make it an amazing place to visit.

I absolutely love Bournemouth and so do many of our stag parties, the beach is great but that's not the biggest draw,  fantastic daytime activities and awesome nightlife has made and kept it a massive draw for our stag parties.

The last destination in the UK I would like to mention is Cardiff. Over the last decade Cardiff has become a city that again has had millions spent on it, with so much to offer activity wise and the atmosphere at night is electric.  Most people in and around Cardiff seem to like a friendly chat and they certainly know how to party wild.

Heading on to the Continent, stag parties have loved donning their stag do t-shirts and taking a short flight over to to Europe for years now and one stag destination that has become infamous for UK stag parties since the year dot is Amsterdam.

A beautiful city packed with sin is in no doubt a fantasy place to visit whilst celebrating your stag do.

Prague to me is a city of many bridges, clubs, bars and absolutely stacks of lap dancing clubs for the lads, I should know I had the task of visiting them! Go to Prague and enjoy yourself and this may be one of those places you need to remember, 'what goes on tour stays on tour!'

If you are looking for some sunshine guaranteed then Marbella should be your next stag destination. Made more fashionable by TOWIE cast, Marbs the Spanish beach resort has great beaches to flaunt your tan bod, nightlife to burn you out and the odd celeb kicking about, so don't forget 'no Carbs before Marbs!'


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