Adventurous Stag Do Ideas

Picture this; your stag is more adventurous than Bear Grylls, he would squeeze elephant dung for a thirst quenching drink, he'd climb a mountain just in his nicky nacky noos and swim the channel just to show you, he could.

Well, if you have to organise a stag weekend for this beast of a man which activities would do? How do you feed his appetite for adrenalin?

I am not too sure how wild he'd want his activities and remember there's got to be a limit otherwise people won't go, so here are some adventurous stag weekend activity ideas:

When we were kids a large part of Coasteering, which is basically chucking yourself off rocks into the sea, we called tomb-stoning.  However very rarely did we go as high as 60ft, in fact I think we never did, if you're coasteering 60ft is one of the mid range jumps.

Coasteering isn't just about chucking yourself off cliffs, it's also about exploring the rugged coastline where you'll find caves, beautiful coves and sheer cliff faces which you have to traverse to get from A to B - it's called free climbing and if you fall expect a splash and luckily not a splat!

Our Favourite stag destinations for this activity:

Flying down an Olympic standard ice race track like a Torpedo, if this doesn't make your stag smile, nothing will!

Usually there are 4 people per bobsleigh and you get to hurtle down the track twice, the winning team will obviously get to the bottom the quickest. Would you prefer the heavier boys in your team or is there an advantage to having the lightest team?

The only drag is you have to travel to Riga, "oh what a drag travelling to a country where in some bars the pints are less than a quid and the nightlife is so electric you can charge your phone off of it."

Our Favourite stag destinationfor this activity:

Bushcraft Weekend
I have now gone to the other part of adventure where it sides on the art of survival rather than exhilaration.

On a Bushcraft Weekend you will not die of starvation and drinking booze won't be an issue however, you will learn a huge amount of survival techniques and should Armageddon come, wouldn't it be funny if you had to explain to people when you were gutting a rabbit or starting a fire from nothing but wood or building a shelter that you learnt these skills on a stag do!

There is one thing wrong with the last paragraph, mainly Armageddon wouldn't be funny.

Bushcraft days and weekends are great fun and are not too serious, you could always spend one night in the survival field and then one night in a 4 star hotel in Swansea, I am sure that's what Bear Grylls or Ray Mears would do.

Our Favourite stag destination for this activity:

Slightly similar to Coasteering where you're chucking yourself off high ledges into deep pools however you walking up a gorge and taking in the stunning scenery.

You also get to walk behind waterfalls (amazing), abseil down waterfalls (what are you the new Dairy Milk man?), slide down smooth rocks into deep pools and in some locations slide down zip wires from hair-raising heights!

Canyoning features in our video at the bottom of this post.

Our Favourite stag destinations for this activity:
North Wales
Brecon Beacons (servicing Bristol, Cardiff or Hereford)

White Water Rafting
No adventure filled stag do should be complete without a proper dunking and White Water Rafting will give you that and more.

Experience frothing and furious water trying to get somewhere fast and taking you along for the ride. Add a group of stags clinging onto the boat and trying to stay afloat and you have yourself an awesome activity.

Our Favourite stag destinations for this activity:
North Wales

For more details watch the video below:


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