Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Full Throttle Stag Dos

We were horrified when the news broke that Jordan, aka Katie Price, had bought an awesome Bugatti Veyron and was then committing the ultimate insult to the hypercar by have it pinked up, inside and out.

It might be your Top Gear wet dream to own one of those babies (the car, not Jordan!) or even drive one, but let’s be honest, you’d never get too fast and too furious for fear of dinking it.

If you’re the type that cringes if the bus pulls too closely into the lane next to you, then our stag do driving activities are a great way for you to not only build up your driving confidence, but jump into a vehicle that is actually specially designed to be thrown around.

Forget the supercar raceday, your stag do needs to be full throttle, off road rally driving. Throw a real car into corners, handbrake all the turns, blast through the water, but always take the advice of your pre-race tuition expert and for heaven’s sake remember you’re not in that car on the way home.

If you want to feel a bit more meat around you, let your stag party go to the four-wheel drive extreme and get all Arnie’d, Willis’d and Statham’d up in a titanic Hummer. This activity is based in Prague and even has a sexy female instructor – Hasta la vista, baby.

Maybe you’re feeling more Super Mario than Super Driving Hero, but there’s nothing downscale about the adrenalin rush of the Mini car racing on a specially designed course, or the bouncing all terrain Quad Bike challenges. Our Race Kart venues are so popular that there are loads of venues around the country.

And if you’ve never tried Rally Karts, Rage or Dirt Buggies put it on your list now. The Stig will have nothing on you once you’ve lost your inhibitions, found your accelerator pedal and discovered that the whites go right around your eyes.

Not that we want to be breeding any road rage monsters, but just to wickedly drive you completely insane, your stag party needs to experience the most scary yet perilously slow steering stunt of all – blindfold driving. Your mates become the ultimate back-seat drivers, directing you, extremely vocally, how to navigate a deceptively simple course. Oh, did we mention that they can’t use the instructions ‘left’ or ‘right’.

I know, I know, where do we dream these things up from? That’s stag dos for you.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Top 5 UK Stag Do Destinations

Every time I tell people what I do the first question they ask me is "where are the best places to go on a stag do?"

This is a difficult question to answer as it usually depends on what you want to do on your stag weekend.

However, if you are wanting to know the top 5 UK stag destinations for 2011; according to a popular stag do company's figures, here are the top 5 in no particular order:

Newquay is an obvious answer is it does so well out of stag dos in the summer and is usually packed with hen parties too, giving it a unbelievable atmosphere.

Keeping with the seaside theme Bournemouth is extremely busy with stag weekends looking for good beaches, fantastic stag do activities and nightlife so electric you could plug your phone charger in and get a full charge.

Bristol doesn't seem to be an obvious answer but once you get there you will realise why. Fantastic nightlife, more daytime activities then you can shake a stick at (what does that saying mean??) and top quality hotels all stag do friendly with very late bars.

Heading north we hit the best place to party in the Northeast, Newcastle. They certainly know how to party up there and whatever the weather you will always see lovely ladies in bikinis, even when it minus ten!

That is not the only reason to have your stag party in Newcastle, the locals are really friendly and the activities are simply awesome day and night.

A Welsh winner for 2011 is Cardiff, a city centre rejuvenated and split into two with nightlife not only around the city centre but also in Cardiff Bay which is a haven of restaurants, bars and clubs.

Stag Do activities in and around Cardiff are diverse and plentiful keeping everyone in the group happy as Larry, well I had to get a sheep joke in there somewhere.

I live in Herefordshire so the jokes on me!

Friday, 12 August 2011


Fed up of the British summer? Me too, and that’s why stags dos have a better chance of some fun in the sun with packages to easily accessible destinations like Spain, the Algarve and even Bulgaria.

Currently the temperatures are pretty hot, hot, hot and so are the deals, with Spain offering the most choice of resorts, all catering to the stag night crowd. The TV comedy of the same name has boosted the popularity of Benidorm, which remains a firm stag weekend favourite and no wonder;

There is plenty to do in and around the resort including water and theme parks, jeep safaris, catamaraning, paintballing the beaches and of course an abundance of wicked bars and clubs.

To maintain your staying power, Brits can feel at home with the old fry up and fast food, but there’s no shortage of hip restaurants with all sorts of world cuisine. For a more rambunctious dining experience let your stag night partake of the medieval banquet, or combine dinner with a lucky night at the casino. If you hit the jackpot you might even make your stag do pay for itself.

Footie fans will love a stag do in Barcelona, where we offer a tour of the spectacular Nou Camp Stadium, and we throw in a visit to the FC Museum steeped in history and memorabilia of the club, plus the Art Gallery with its priceless Futbalart collection.

Salou, between Barcelona and Valencia, may not be on your radar, but it certainly is on the stag do map. With its mega theme park, Port Aventura, and a huge host of other activities within easy reach of the resort, this less obvious location is the ideal stag night destination with a twist.

Widely known as the party capital of Spain, and of course for its Grand Prix, Valencia’s cosmopolitan style adds an edge to the regular stag do, taking it just that cut above for the more prestigious stag weekend. And talking of a cut above, as we move on to Portugal’s southern coast, the dramatic Algarve cliffs tops of Albufeira will greet you in spectacular style. Add to that some uber exciting activities like deep sea fishing, where you’ll see fearsome Hammerhead, Blue and Mako sharks as well as Swordfish and massive Tuna, and you’ll be dining out on your stories for years to come.

Bulgaria’s capital Sophia is not only packed with, fun, fun, fun but it’s incredibly cheap, cheap, cheap – an essential ingredient for a successful stag do.

The DesignaVenture packages more than often include airport transfers, meals and accommodation as well as activities, but we can arrange flights too to give you a completely hassle free deal all boxed up. Make this summer really count with at least one sunny stag do memory.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Nothing Normal About A Stag Do In Reading

We’ve known for a while that most stag dos just aren’t normal, so DesignaVenture has created some stag do activity combos to accommodate you mentalists in outrageous style.

Let’s start with the water sports. We know you’re all big kids when it comes to the wet stuff and this time DesignaVenture are pulling the plug on anything standard to bring you Bath-tubs, Boats and Bananas package.

To kick off, the boat isn’t a traditional boat. Think of this more as a Scrap Heap Challenge moment, as you’ll be building your own vessel and attempting to race it to the finish. No engineering skills required though, as this craft will be made of cardboard (yes, we know, but it is special cardboard), plastic and the like and then you’ll paddle like fury before you get that sinking feeling.

Fortunately the inflatable banana bullet is not so fruity and you’ll be wildly bouncing in the wake of a powerful speed boat as you rodeo your way over the waves.

The bath-tub racing concept is as mentally vexing as the cardboard boat, until you realise with relief that it’s actually done on dry land, but is non-the-less crazy as you race these motorised two man tubs hell for lather against eachother. Oh, yes, the camera is a must for this one!

Now all that stag do lunacy comes from Reading, and we’re back in this top spot for even more mayhem with a quadruple collection of even more bonkers stag do capers.

If you thought that segways were a sedate way to site see or nip through town, then Reading has of course ramped things up a gear for the stag do market. These all terrain, highly manoeuvrable motorised vehicles will have you slaloming off road like you never thought possible. Then, while you’re in the swing, we move you over to the beer kegs. No don’t get excited, the booze comes later into your stag night. This is more racing, but this time in motorised beer kegs. Yes, they’ll put anything on wheels in Reading, especially you!

Keeping your feet back on terra firma is the next big challenge, while you hilariously sumo wrestle in a padded up suit against your weeble of a mate as you try to bounce each other out of the ring.

Then take on a bit of the old table-footie, but don’t forget this is Reading. Yes, by some miracle, someone has found a way to make it life-sized and Velcro you and your mates as the players to a bar (Yes, yes, you’ll be doing the same in the pub later), so you have to work in chaotic unison to score the goals.

Now what does all this say about Reading we wonder - probably that it’s the ideal destination for an off the wall stag night.