Friday, 28 October 2011

Casino Vs Lap Dancing Vs Nightclub Vs Comedy Night

With so many option on what to do on a stag night I thought I would highlight a few popular night time activities.

Casino entry is certainly getting more popular especially when gaining entry into these clubs is usually free and you don't have to wait 24 hours for your membership to come through.

Most good casino's have a couple of roulette tables, poker and more slot machines then you can shake your change at, just don't use all your money you still have a stag to look after.

Lap Dancing has always been popular ever since the 90's boom, most cities have a club and most stag parties plan a trip to one, again just don't spend all your money you still have a stag to look after.

What would a stag night be without a trip to a nightclub where the group can let their hair down and have some good old fashion fun of slamming shots and dancing like baboons.

Comedy is the new rock and roll with comedians now selling out huge arenas like The O2. Although, there is nothing like the intimate club gigs where stag parties can go have a meal and a good laugh. Heckling is optional but not advisable if you don't have the gift of the gob and lets face it most of you wont after a few pints!

Whatever you do on a stag night just remember to keep it memorable.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Stag Do Slow Season, Time To Bag A Bargain

We are now entering the conundrums of the stag do calendar, and this is a great time to bag a bargain.

November to February is a quiet time for stag dos and if you are looking for a winter stag do in the UK and beyond at a great price you are in luck.

On the DesignaVenture website there are quite a few deals for parties looking to go between November and February in all the major UK stag do haunts including; Bournemouth, Nottingham, Bristol and Reading.

I know that the trend is to get married when the weather is fine and dandy, however loving couples also get married in the winter months including special days and holidays including Christmas and Valentines day.

If you are looking for a winter stag weekend in Europe, Riga and Bratislava have loads of offers for this time of year, offering fantastic rates in 3 star plus hotels and discounts on day and night time activities.

So get looking and booking people you only have a few months to go before we go back to stag do silly season.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Off Road Buggies Vs Rage Buggies

One of the most popular stag do activities is the Rage Buggies, some people may call Off Road Buggies or dirt buggies but surely they are the same activity, aren't they?

Well actually no, The Rage Buggy is as described by Clarkson as the Mutts Nuts, they are fast, furious and extremely versatile.

The exhilaration of the Rage Buggy is far superior to your normal buggy, and boy is it tough.

So, the Rage Buggy is an Off Road Buggy but is at the high end of Off Road Buggies scale, just like the Aston Martin is of cars.

So when you look at your next stag do package and it describes Off Road Buggies it may not be The  Amazing Rage Buggy, it might be an imitation or a slower version (a Nissan Micra compared to a Ferrari).

So ask the question before booking.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ideas for a Stag Do

Fed up with looking around and trying to find the perfect stag do.

Well, look no further people, below are some very popular stag dos which I am sure you will like as they are tried and tested by real stags.

One of our most popular stag weekends in 2011 is the Rage Buggies, Bikes and Boogie weekend in Nottingham.

This amazing package includes Rage Buggies (obviously), Quad Biking, Laser Clays, 2 nights in a 3 star hotel with breakfast and nightclub entry into Nottingham's biggest nightclub, Oceana.

If you would prefer something a little more outward bounds then the Gorge scrambling packages in Bristol, Cardiff and Hereford have also been a huge hit.

Gorge Scrambling other wise known as Canyoning is a fantastic activity to do on a stag do, you all get wet, there are loads of jumps to build up the testosterone and everyone leaves the activity knowing they have done well, a win win situation.

If you are looking for something totally different from adrenalin infused activities why not go cider tasting in Bristol.

This drunken stag do activity takes place in the middle of Bristol so once you have completed your marathon tasting session you have the whole of Bristol to explore and crawl.

If the drunken stag do isn't you thing then look no further then North Wales, action packed with loads of activities from White Water Rafting and Abseiling to Mountain biking and Hovercraft racing.

North Wales has loads of places to stay including group accommodation, budget hotels and fantastic 3 and 4 star hotels.

If you are looking for an unique abroad stag do experience then try shooting machine guns in Riga or canal boat bar crawls in Amsterdam.

All inclusive stag do breaks are always a winner in Benidorm or if you want to look like a cast member of TOWIE, simply go sun bathing in the Algarve.

So whatever floats your boat, tickles your fancy, wets your whistle, these ideas for a stag do are a plenty especially the stag packages on the DesignaVenture website (I am trying to unbiased here but it's simply not working).

Good luck.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Stag Do Activities - For The Petrol Heads

Motorised stag do activities are possibly the most popular activities to do on your stag weekend. The choices have increased dramatically since the late 90's with loads of great motorised on offer.

Not only are there lots of choices these machines have been improved on just like the first Iphone or the very first Playstation.

Activities in the nineties kind of included just grass karts* and boring snoring 4x4 off road driving.

These days you can step into a Rage Buggy which can hit speeds of up to 60mph, you can swing them round bends knowing you are not going to roll and you are so close to the ground the speed feels more like 100mph.

Quad bikes have moved on since the olden days, they have become faster, easier to use and more agile, giving you the ability to get air, climb impossible steep banks and thrash through rivers.

If you are looking for an Italian Job feel to your stag do activity try out our amazing mini racing near Bournemouth. These specially designed old styled Minis have bucket seats and roll cages giving your mini racing activity authenticity.

Argocats may seem a bit dull, but are actually amazing to drive, the speed is there, the off road ability is there and best of all it floats and drives on water.

Hovercraft racing is another activity which has blossomed in the late naughties, hens and stag dos love these machines as they are loads of fun to fly, that's right I said fly (the correct terminology, I don't want to get into trouble with a Hovercraft society).

If you want a driving experience which will make you laugh, try Blindfold driving a 4x4 around a specially designed course. Not only have people ran over marshall's, bushes, trees and banks get the running over treatment.

Whatever motorised stag do activity you go for count yourself lucky, ten to fifteen years ago you would have been left to race around a grass course with cones in what could possibly be the worst stag do activity known to man, The Grass Kart*.

*Grass Karts - the most boring kart that ever existed, pedal karts were faster!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Stag Do Activities - Water Based

Before anything else you need to decide what to do in the day, drinking all day may sound like fun but can get out of hand and the stag could be in bed by 4pm.

The stag do needs an activity, and whatever you decide there is loads on offer throughout the UK.

Whatever you decide the UK has some great activity sites, head to Scotland (Edinburgh) for some of the best white water rafting in Europe.

If you would prefer something a bit more sedate the River Wye in Herefordshire has some great canoeing where you can relax and unwind from the chaos that is your day to day life.

If you would prefer sailing the seas, hire a yacht and skipper in Portsmouth and set sail for Cowes, it's where Prince William was seen recently on a stag do.

If you really want to learn a new hobby which will make you look cooler than James Bond in a DB7, pick up a surf board in Newquay and hit those North Atlantic rollers.

Staying with the James Bond Theme, do the impossible and jump off 60 foot cliffs into the sea on a coasteering activity or better still walk behind waterfalls and traverse sheer rock faces Gorge Walking in Wales.

Water ever you decide (get it!!), a stag do is memories for life, so treat the stag well and give him an awesome weekend, not one he can't remember.