Off Road Buggies Vs Rage Buggies

One of the most popular stag do activities is the Rage Buggies, some people may call Off Road Buggies or dirt buggies but surely they are the same activity, aren't they?

Well actually no, The Rage Buggy is as described by Clarkson as the Mutts Nuts, they are fast, furious and extremely versatile.

The exhilaration of the Rage Buggy is far superior to your normal buggy, and boy is it tough.

So, the Rage Buggy is an Off Road Buggy but is at the high end of Off Road Buggies scale, just like the Aston Martin is of cars.

So when you look at your next stag do package and it describes Off Road Buggies it may not be The  Amazing Rage Buggy, it might be an imitation or a slower version (a Nissan Micra compared to a Ferrari).

So ask the question before booking.


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