Stag Do Activities - For The Petrol Heads

Motorised stag do activities are possibly the most popular activities to do on your stag weekend. The choices have increased dramatically since the late 90's with loads of great motorised on offer.

Not only are there lots of choices these machines have been improved on just like the first Iphone or the very first Playstation.

Activities in the nineties kind of included just grass karts* and boring snoring 4x4 off road driving.

These days you can step into a Rage Buggy which can hit speeds of up to 60mph, you can swing them round bends knowing you are not going to roll and you are so close to the ground the speed feels more like 100mph.

Quad bikes have moved on since the olden days, they have become faster, easier to use and more agile, giving you the ability to get air, climb impossible steep banks and thrash through rivers.

If you are looking for an Italian Job feel to your stag do activity try out our amazing mini racing near Bournemouth. These specially designed old styled Minis have bucket seats and roll cages giving your mini racing activity authenticity.

Argocats may seem a bit dull, but are actually amazing to drive, the speed is there, the off road ability is there and best of all it floats and drives on water.

Hovercraft racing is another activity which has blossomed in the late naughties, hens and stag dos love these machines as they are loads of fun to fly, that's right I said fly (the correct terminology, I don't want to get into trouble with a Hovercraft society).

If you want a driving experience which will make you laugh, try Blindfold driving a 4x4 around a specially designed course. Not only have people ran over marshall's, bushes, trees and banks get the running over treatment.

Whatever motorised stag do activity you go for count yourself lucky, ten to fifteen years ago you would have been left to race around a grass course with cones in what could possibly be the worst stag do activity known to man, The Grass Kart*.

*Grass Karts - the most boring kart that ever existed, pedal karts were faster!


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