Thursday, 25 September 2014

Rough Guide to a Stag Do in Nottingham

If a Nottingham stag do excites you then this post "Rough Guide to a Stag Do in Nottingham" is going to knock your socks off, if Nottingham doesn't excite you, read on, I am pretty sure I can persuade you.

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First of all I have been visiting Nottingham on and off for over a decade now and to-date, I have seen the biggest transformation on this trip (I am still actually here, writing my blog from The Park Plaza bedroom, Park Plaza is one of the hotels DesignaVenture deal with, and by the way, is this the longest sentence inside brackets you have ever read?).

I cannot believe how clean the streets look, how many bars and restaurants there are and how cosmopolitan the city looks with the new Tram.

Also, one thing Nottingham is really proud of is becoming a Purple Flag owner, which basically means when you're appreciating the fantastic nightlife Nottingham has to offer, you will be able to enjoy your night-out in a safe environment, pretty cool huh?

So a bar for everyone, a club for most tastes, more restaurants then you can shake a stick at (I have never understood that saying) and currently only one lap dancing club, you can't have it all.

Then there's the bar breathers, in other words the daytime activities, Nottingham has been a hot spot for stag dos as far as I can remember, so there are daytime stag activities a plenty.

From white water rafting (man-made) to Rage Buggies, paintball to clay pigeon shooting, indoor karts to quad biking again there are more stag activities then you can shake a stick at (still none the wiser on that saying).

Staying in Nottingham is also not a problem, there are more stag friendly city centre hotel then you can shake....

From deluxe 4 star properties to standard hotels suiting the lower budgets, I am pretty confident Nottingham can offer you a stag do whatever your requirements are (unless your requirements are; 'it must be in Budapest').

Nottingham is an extremely popular stag do destination, the bars, clubs and locals rather then complain about the weekend traffic have actually embraced stag and hen weekends in a big and positive way, making it in my book one of the most stag do friendliest cities in the world (said in a Jeremy Clarkson voice).

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Rough Guide To A Stag Do In Birmingham

Selfridges Bull Ring
Whatever your preconceptions of England's second city are, you must to leave them on the M42 and book your stag do to Birmingham.

Birmingham has undergone and is still having a massive facelift, with more money spent on it than some countries spend in an entire year.

The city centre has transformed into a gorgeous cosmopolitan city full of iconic landmark delights like the Selfridges Bullring, Library of Birmingham, Millennium Point, The Spiral CafĂ©, Hyatt Regency Hotel and The Cube which home fantastic hotels, shops, the big screen, amazing restaurants, smooth bars, cool clubs and even one of top ten coolest car parks in the world.

A statue of a bull
Birmingham has more miles of canals than Venice, the canal area around the Mailbox, Brindley Place and Summer Row focus very much on stylist socialising with lots of cool pub/bars, alfresco places to eat delicious food, and trendy late bar clubs to dance the night away the nightlife scene here has a totally different vibe to the infamous Broad Street even though its just a stone throw away.

Broad Street is the stag do central and hen party hub, it is bursting with eclectic bars, restaurants and lap dancing clubs and Birmingham biggest nightclub, Gatecrashers with its 4 club rooms playing a variety of music, there really is something for everyone on this street.

Laser Lights from DJ Booth
The Cube is the place to head if you are looking for a more sophisticated high end night out, The Cube offers prestigious names, world class brands and stunning skyline 360-degree view of city.

You also have the Southside with its many bars and clubs, also home to the city's buzzing gay scene.  Digbeth area is worth checking out its quickly becoming one of the most creative clubbing areas and lets not forget the Jewellery Quarter which offers the extremely popular Jam House with its live music.

But that's the nightlife covered what will stags do in the day?

Good question Jaz I am just getting to that....

Rebel Buggies + Stag Group
Our Birmingham day time activity choice start from the city outskirts and work their way into the centre, of course paintball sites are plentiful however, you also have a fantastic killer dirt buggy site where you race Rebel buggies head to head, nowhere else in the country can this be done.

Speaking of racing head to head, another activity site to consider whilst booking your stag do to Birmingham is the Stock Car Racing also known as Dodgems Racing, we get nothing but 5 star reviews from our customers for this activity, more information on this activity can be found here.

Walking distance from the centre of Birmingham (The Bull Ring) is the extremely fast indoor electric karts site, no more choking on petrol fumes these environmentally friendly karts zip around the indoor track like no other indoor kart I have raced and oh so quiet!

Other activities which can be included in your stag do to Birmingham include Bubble Football, Clay Pigeon Shooting,  Quad Biking,  Air and Rifle Shooting, The Zombie Survival Experience (totally life-like and frigging scary), Crossbows and a little more tame but equally competitive Archery and for the creative  Pizza or Cocktail Making shish the list just goes on!

Did I mention the great accommodation all within walking distant of the Broad Street nightlife

Birmingham is waiting for you to come and party.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Where on Earth is Bratislava?

Bratislava by night
Following on from our  "Where on Earth is..." theme (our last one was Where on Earth is Riga looking at favourite stag do destinations in Europe), we have now moved on to mid-Europe and giving Bratislava the magnified glass treatment.

So, Where on Earth is Bratislava?

Alright don't get ratty, I am just getting to that....

Bratislava is the capital of Slovak Republic, and the Slovak Republic used to be joined to the Czech Republic which was a massive country called Czechoslovakia, a county curiously good at Ice Skating in the 80's.

Czechoslovakia was broken up in 1993, so Czech Republic divorced from Slovak Republic or Slovakia as many maps refer to it, the capital of Slovak Republic is Bratislava.

That's great and everything, but where the hell is it?

Alright keep your hair on, Slovak Republic is about 2 and a half hours flight from the UK (depending on where you are flying from) and is landlocked between Hungry, Austria, Czech Republic (obviously), Poland and Ukraine.

So why should I go there on my stag do?

Barman linning up the drinks in Bratislava
In a nutshell, Bratislava is a small capital city in comparison to many of the other European capital cities, however it has loads of young people living there, giving it an atmosphere like no other city in Europe.

These Brats (I am not sure if thats their correct name, but I like it) like to have fun and you can tell that from the atmosphere in the bars and clubs.

We visited many bars and clubs whilst on the stag do and it was full of lively people and many students in front and behind the bar having a wild time.

From Absinth Nights to shooting AK47's, the Stag activities in Bratislava are also pretty cool and unique, the DesignaVenture website has a huge selection of stag activities in Bratislava.

I would also highly recommend the Guided Bar & Club Tours for your first night, these guides (all girls) will show you round the best areas of Bratislava saving you a heap of time exploring, after all you are only there for a couple of nights after all.

Now the all important weather, expect cold winters and hot dry summers.

After going on a stag do to Bratislava I would highly recommend this fantastic stag destination.

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Twin Centre Stag Do Ideas

Berlin to Amsterdam - connect by flights

Going on a stag do is all about exploring new destinations and a great way to make a decent adventure out of your weekend is to visit two destinations on the same stag do.

Whether you're going on a stag do abroad or in the UK there are plenty of destinations you can twin up on your stag do.

Back of a Lady holding up a surf board on Newquay beach
On my stag do we did Bristol and Newquay, visiting Bristol on the Thursday and then travelling to Newquay on the Friday for 2 nights of pure pleasure, two very different but brilliant experiences.

Enough about me, there are other top stag destinations in the UK you can do this in, such as:

  • Cardiff and Bristol 
  • Newcastle and Edinburgh
  • Bournemouth and Brighton
  • Reading and Birmingham
  • Manchester and Liverpool
  • Chester and North Wales

Your first night should be a destination on the way down to your main destination, breaking up the journey and having a night out before the big stag weekend starts.

You may find only half the group can commit to it, but hey you could make it exclusive to your close mates?

Over on the Continent is totally different you will possibly need to fly from destination to destination.

Amsterdam is one hell of a stag destination so why not combine it with another fantastic European destination such as Berlin, Prague, Barcelona or Riga. The reason why you should include Amsterdam is:

  1. In my mind, it's the best stag destination closest to the UK
  2. KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) fly everywhere
  3. Finishing off a stag do in Amsterdam, how cool is that!

Alternatively you can fly into one European destination and then fly out of another, train or bus it between destinations, such as:
Stag Do Boarding an Easyjet flight
  • In to Prague out of Bratislava (3½ hours by road between cities, quicker by train)
  • In to Budapest out of Bratislava (Only 2½ hours by road between cities)
  • In to Dusseldorf out of Amsterdam (Only 2½ hours by road, quicker by train between cities)

In this day and age transport connections between big cities has never been so regular or quick, so make the most of it, that should be your stag do slogan, MAKE THE MOST OF IT.

Also, Easyjet or Ryanair allow you to book one way tickets at no extra cost, it couldn't be easier!

If you do need help arranging your twin centre stag do give DesignaVenture a call on 01432 830880, we have lots of advice, connections in the right places and can help you with all your logistics.