Where on Earth is Bratislava?

Bratislava by night
Following on from our  "Where on Earth is..." theme (our last one was Where on Earth is Riga looking at favourite stag do destinations in Europe), we have now moved on to mid-Europe and giving Bratislava the magnified glass treatment.

So, Where on Earth is Bratislava?

Alright don't get ratty, I am just getting to that....

Bratislava is the capital of Slovak Republic, and the Slovak Republic used to be joined to the Czech Republic which was a massive country called Czechoslovakia, a county curiously good at Ice Skating in the 80's.

Czechoslovakia was broken up in 1993, so Czech Republic divorced from Slovak Republic or Slovakia as many maps refer to it, the capital of Slovak Republic is Bratislava.

That's great and everything, but where the hell is it?

Alright keep your hair on, Slovak Republic is about 2 and a half hours flight from the UK (depending on where you are flying from) and is landlocked between Hungry, Austria, Czech Republic (obviously), Poland and Ukraine.

So why should I go there on my stag do?

Barman linning up the drinks in Bratislava
In a nutshell, Bratislava is a small capital city in comparison to many of the other European capital cities, however it has loads of young people living there, giving it an atmosphere like no other city in Europe.

These Brats (I am not sure if thats their correct name, but I like it) like to have fun and you can tell that from the atmosphere in the bars and clubs.

We visited many bars and clubs whilst on the stag do and it was full of lively people and many students in front and behind the bar having a wild time.

From Absinth Nights to shooting AK47's, the Stag activities in Bratislava are also pretty cool and unique, the DesignaVenture website has a huge selection of stag activities in Bratislava.

I would also highly recommend the Guided Bar & Club Tours for your first night, these guides (all girls) will show you round the best areas of Bratislava saving you a heap of time exploring, after all you are only there for a couple of nights after all.

Now the all important weather, expect cold winters and hot dry summers.

After going on a stag do to Bratislava I would highly recommend this fantastic stag destination.

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