Should The Groom Pay For His Own Stag Do?

This question possibly pops up in the best man's mind as soon as he has been offered the job, "should the groom pay for his own stag do"?

As best man you could pay for his share or split the price between the whole group.

This would mean the group paying an extra £10 - £30 depending on the group size and the price of the stag do.

There are many arguments whether he should or should not pay for his own stag do, such as:

He should pay for his own stag weekend because;
  • I paid for my own stag do
  • I am paying to go on his stag weekend and that's costing me enough so why should I have to pay for part of his?
  • The groom is minted, why should I have to pay for him.

He should not pay for his own stag do because;
  • As best man, I should do my best to look after him
  • He is paying for the wedding, he has enough to pay for
  • You and most of the stag group are invited to the wedding, this is a good way of showing gratitude

The above bullet points are just some of the reasons why you should or shouldn't pay for the Groom's stag do, however, it is a personal circumstances situation for the best man to take on board not only for himself but for the whole group.

If the guys who are invited are all well paid and are comfortable in life, then treat the groom and make life a little easier for him especially when he is fighting with wedding costs and a tantrum-ing bride!!

If you, the best man, wants to show the groom your affection, then paying for his stag do is a good way of showing him.

If the groom is up to his limit paying for the wedding and may not be able to pay for his own stag do place then the boys should step up.

However, if this stag do is fairly expensive and some group members are struggling with the price, then adding a bit more on will not help and you may find people dropping out.

So you really need to look at the stag group and the cost of the stag weekend and then weigh up everyone's situation and decide whether or not to pay for the groom's stag do. 

Being a best man really isn't a walk in the park after all, you will need to make some tough decisions, good luck.

Currently, the results from the pole below suggest:

  • 58% say no, he shouldn't pay for his stag do
  • 42% say yes, he should

Please take part and we will keep this page updated.

Written by DesignaVenture, the professional stag do organiser.


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