Do Something Outstanding For The Stag Do

Notes For The Best Man

Don’t forget you have just been asked to be the best man, so live up to the title.

You need to organise both a memorable and an outstanding stag do for your best mate, something that will be discussed and talked about in your circle of friends for years.

Every groom is different, some grooms want full on stag activities in the day and a chilled night, or want a chilled day and massive banging nights, or both, so what ever is on your grooms mind it’s your job to sort it.

Stag activities such as Rage Buggies, WhiteWater Rafting, Quad biking are always very popular and a big hit however, your groom may want canoeing down the river wye, yachting to the Isle of Wight or driving old bangers in Berlin.

OR he could just want two nights clubbing in Prague or a weekend of lap dancing in Bournemouth, whatever he wants you should generally consider and organise.

The flip side to this is you could keep everything a secret, not telling the groom or anyone in the stag party, it is then up to you to organise the stag weekend of the century.

I went on a stag weekend to Amsterdam, but no one in the stag party knew until we got to Gatwick Airport where we were going or what we were doing, it’s was an extremely memorable, the excitement in some of the boys when we were told at Gatwick was a little extreme but you get the picture.

The moral of this blog entry is to say don’t do something half arse’d, put some work into it after all, the groom has trusted you with the most important job of the wedding, the stag do!


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