Quad Biking In Newquay

Newquay is a fantastic stag destination with a massive selection of unique stag activities including Coasteering, Surfing and Body Boarding, so why Quad Biking in Newquay?
Well, if you are looking for an activity site where you can get the whole stag party involved and where you can race quad bikes head to head you have just found it.
Fully automatic 125cc Yamaha quad bikes with fast acceleration and easy handling these bikes are going to give you an amazing race.
The Course
Just under a mile long this course has reverse chambers, adverse chambers, straights, jumps and chicanes to make your stag do race extreme and exciting.
There are over 20 quad bikes so you will all be going out together.
You’ll be well kitted out on arrival with helmet, goggles, safety glasses, gloves, body armour, knee pads and elbow pads. You will have a safety briefing before hitting the learner track just to get a feel of the bike.
Then you will move onto the main racing circuit, this is where you can go fly, racing your mates to see who is King Quad on the stag do.
To me this is the best quad biking track in the UK and is definitely one of the best stag activities we sell.


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