Top 5 Stag Do Bucket List

Bucket lists are all the rage these days and so are unique stag dos, putting both of these together seem to make a whole load of sense.

So we have compiled a top 5 stag do bucket list….

Create Your Very Own Hangover Film

Las Vegas or Bangkok?

If you’ve done Bangkok, booking Las Vegas for your stag do is a must and vice versus

Vegas has so much on offer from the pool parties, casinos, hotels, shows, clubs and just the overall crazy vibe.

Day clubs and pool parties are a massive hit, top DJ’s banging tunes and beautiful ladies wandering around in bikinis and California* tans, high 5!

One word of warning, it isn’t cheap!

Bangkok is the other extreme, once you get there eating and drinking can be really cheap and is a total cultural exchange.

This city will open your eyes, it’s one of the maddest cities in the world, you’ll see flashy sports cars and knackered out rickshaws, lady boys and elephants all in a blink of an eye.  

You’ll eat things you’ve never considered edible!

Then you have the nightlife, put it this way, going out will never be the same again.

*We know Las Vegas is in Nevada before the geography police start twitching

Mount Kilimanjaro – A Good Call For Charity

This type of stag do is totally unique and will possibly be something only for the dedicated.

Don’t expect a huge amount of take up from your mates on this one, as it takes 7 days to complete and you’ll need to be fairly fit.

Get in the in-laws good books by doing it for charity.

In our mind this is a stag weekend for the non-drinker, unless you go via Amsterdam on the way back! (see below)

Adventurous Stag Weekends

The adventurous stag weekend can include anything from white water rafting to racing buggies, cliff jumping to surfing.

This is one for the masses, as most groups tend to want to do these types of activities, it will brings out their competitive edge or push them to their limit.

Top Gear Style Driving Challenge

A massive amount of fun will be had, GUARANTEED (said in a Clarkson stylie).

Either set a really low budget and buy yourselves some old bangers or take your current old bangers over to the continent and set yourself some tasks.

Maybe fill up on petrol and see how far you can go or just simply getting yourselves to a certain destination without breaking down.

We have heard of a stag party dressing up their cars and driving from Sheffield to Benidorm.

Another group drove to Amsterdam in fancy dress, setting themselves tasks along the way!


One of the oldest stag destinations in the world, Amsterdam was and is an extremely popular location to hold your last days as being a free man.

Take a walk through the canal lined streets and you may get an eyeful! Or visit a local coffee shop, they have stuff in there that will put hairs on your chest.

Amsterdam isn’t just about the already mentioned attractions; it also is a beautiful city.

Hire a bike and cycle round the streets or book one of our most popular stag activities in Amsterdam, the canal boat bar crawl.

If you have never been to Amsterdam, you need to go, as it’s an experience you will never forget.

We have loads of fantastic stag do ideas on the stag do section of our website


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