Budget Stag Dos

Your groom wants a stag do but the budget is tighter than a gnats armpit.

What to do?

The UK is a great place to start; you need cheap and cheerful accommodation (as after all it's just a place to rest your head) and plenty to do so with that in mind:

North Wales Stag Do

North Wales is the choice for stag parties wanting loads of activities, good accommodation for not an awful lot of wonga.

For example: 2 Nights accommodation, breakfast both mornings, an evening meal and Canyoning comes to less than £100 per person, (it actually currently £99 per person at today’s prices).

Camping anyone?

Don’t turn your nose up, camping is actually a fantastic way to enjoy a stag weekend.

What's not to like:
  • Campfires
  • BBQ's
  • Beer
  • Funny Stories 

All this equates to a fantastic stag weekend.

Book out of season

Most stag dos take place in the summer, because most weddings are in the summer, its easy math.

So book the stag do early, between the months of November and February, and save yourself a load of cash.

For example; we have a stag package in Bournemouth called the Bournemouth Offer Weekend, which between the months of November and February is discounted by a whopping 28%.

Go stag night

If you don’t have the budget to stay for 2 nights, go for 1 night, book a lap dancing club, nightclub and bar crawl and just go for it, cheap as chips.

Paintball, ouch!

Paintball is an amazingly cheap stag activity, which can last all day. Just think you and your mates against the rest of the world (well the other paintball team). Become tactical and really take the other team to bits, alternatively shoot your gun like a crazy trigger-happy loon (cost alert, usually £5 per 100 bullets so don’t go too mad).

Lots more budget stag do ideas can be found on our stag do homepage, where you can even just stick in your budget and see what packages fall under that parameter.

Good luck.


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