Top 10 Alternative Stag Activities

Alternative stag activities must be weird, maybe wacky but always something the whole group hasn't done before.

We have all done paintball, quad biking and racing karts on a stag do and although these activities are loads of fun sometimes there is a need for an alternative stag activity, an unusual event, something that will get the boys hooked on and really looking forward to the stag weekend.

Here at DesignaVenture we have gone through our stag activities with a fine tooth comb, rooted out some very alternative activities which go along the spectrums of budget, craziness and of course how far they go up the alternative stag activities measuring pole. So we present you with the Top 10 Alternative Stag Activities (in alphabetical order, just for the OCD heads out there):

Air CombatAir Combat
An extremely expensive alternative stag activity, but it's right up there with wacky, thrilling, adrenalin induced activities and can only be found in the good old US of A.

This is no simulation, these are real planes, in dog flights over the Nevada Desert, unfortunately live ammo isn't allowed as it's deemed as "too dangerous", however if you get hit (simulated by lasers, obviously), real smoke bellows out of the back of your plane, how cool is that?

The Beer Bike in Berlin
Beer Bike
Just to bring you down to planet Earth and to something a little more sedate but no less alternative, how about getting on a Beer Bike in Amsterdam or Berlin? (other stag destinations are also available)

You are provided with a sober designated driver, all you have to do is turn up and pedal, oh yeh and drink beer whilst taking in the amazing sights of your chosen city. You are also provided with an onboard sound system, so bring along your iPods and don't forget to take the Frozen album off, otherwise you'll be a laughing stock.
Cardboard Boat Challenge

Cardboard Boat Challenge, Bathtub Kart Racing & Banana Ride
There is nothing like building a boat out of cardboard and racing it across a lake, and once you have gone for a swim, have a speedy wash / race in a motorised bath tub before riding a huge banana around a lake. No you are not eating funny cakes in Amsterdam you are on an alternative stag weekend in Reading.

A man flipping a Pizza in the air
Pizza Making
Look here, we are trying to give you the alternative stag activities, and Pizza Making is totally up there. It may not be racing planes or driving motorised bath tubs but it's an activity which gets the guys all involved, includes alcohol and food, and will be popular with hen parties, so I'm there.

A Ski Do / Snow Mobile
Even though there are restrictions on this fantastic stag activity, Snowmobile is totally alternative and an immense amount of fun.

Tear along the snowy wilderness in snowmobiles which can hit speeds of up to 40mph, if you like jet skis, you will love snowmobiles.

Restrictions are: Riga and in the winter time, obviously.

Spy Mission
Spy Mission
The ultimate challenge of stealth, sharp thinking and SAS style covertness. Dodging security cameras and trip wires, you will need to zip wire in, negotiate and navigate around tunnels up ladders and stop a nuclear fall out happening, how James Bond is that?

Stock Cars, racing
Stock Car Racing
This is one of our high priced stag activities however lots of stag groups book it as it's so unique and a very alternative stag activity.

Race head to head around an oval course in a variety of single seater, full raced prepared motors, don't worry you will have a 'Stig' type of instructor who will steer you (pardon the pun) into the right direction and help you get the best out of your vehicles whilst staying safe.
A picture of the drivers side green Trabant car
Trabant Driving
Keeping it motorised, these 2 stroke motor vehicles are antiques from back in the Iron Curtain days, where Russia kept tight lipped about everything. They are loads of fun to drive and in a Trabant driving convoy you will drive these vehicles around Berlin or Budapest. Wear really old shell suits and trainers, fake moustaches and curly wigs and really look the part, and then you have fancy dress when you want to look like the stereotypical Scouser!

A man Suping in White Water
White Water Paddle Boarding (SUPing)
Stand Up Paddle Boarding is basically standing up on a surf board and paddling over gentle water however, the SUPing ideal for stags is slightly different, you have white water to contend with, making your board go faster, you're going to get wet and will p*ss your wetsuits at your mates going for a Burton (never used that expression before, and possibly won't use it again).
A Zombie
Zombies Are Coming
An extreme and alternative stag do activity which will make you sleep with your eyes open for the rest of your life.

Armed with guns your mission is to clear a compound of Zombies. Amazing make-up and an atmospheric location so real this is more than a stag activity, this is you and the boys fighting for your life.

For a full list of our stag activities alternative and popular go here.


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