Zip Up Your Stag Do

If you're looking for some incredible and adventurous activities for your stag do, North Wales is the destination of choice. This fantastic adventure land has some of the best activities in the world let a lone the UK.

North Wales has some pretty impressive accolades when it comes to the Zip Wire activity, well it is hilly which is fairly handy - Holland doesn't stand a chance!

First of all it has the fastest zip-line in the world and the longest in Europe (see velocity below).

Then there's the Titan which is the longest zip-zone in Europe.

Not forgetting the Caverns, which is zip lining in underground Caverns, how cool this that!

All of these activities can be booked on our website, go and take a look.


The longest zip wire in Europe and the FASTEST in the world - how cool is that! You'll be lying down for this one and as you'll reach speeds of over 100mph, there's only one thing you'll be shouting - SUPERMAN!!!

  • 2 People go down at one
  • You can reach speeds of over 100mph
  • Incredible Views


Then there's the Titan Zip Wire which is the longest zip-line in Europe. This time you're in the seating position which I must say is very comfortable before the inevitable countdown - 3-2-1 and then you shoot down at speeds of over 60mph.

  • 4 People go down at once
  • Longest zip line in Europe
  • Total length of Alpha, Bravo and Charlie; 8km
  • Zip Wire Caverns + Bounce Below on the same site


This is the wackiest and the most unique out of all the above Zip Wire activities and is great for the stag do wanting adventure as well as thrills.

There's everything involved including rope bridges, tunnels, stepping stones for climbing, via ferratta and monkey bars.

  • In an underground slate mine
  • 12 Zip Lines in total
  • Has the steepest zip wire in the UK

Tree Safari

Zip from tree platform to tree platform which are a mere 60 feet up. The best part about Go Ape is surely the zip wires, am I right? Well, this is mostly zip wires. Who needs bread when you've got the jam!

  • 23 Zip lines in total!
  • 60 Feet up
  • A great price

For more details and prices head over to the DesignaVenture website.

We also have stag do packages which include these fantastic Zip Wire activities.

Good luck!



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